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    What style of poetry did Rosemary Dobson write in?

    like can you describe the style and variety of her poetry? e.g. narrative/ballad, humorous/serious, thoughtful/description etc. also if you know any influences on her poetry thanks a lot!
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    Where can I purchase or download a copy of "The Darangan" a Mindanao poetry epic ?

    Where can I purchase or download a copy of "The Darangan" a Mindanao poetry epic ? This is an epic poem containing many stories. I have only read bits and pieces but never the entire epic. I am in the US so I would need either a download, an american source or shipping from the prospective...
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    Bit of 'poetry' to brighten the day. Cool?

    Clank Clink No (D)ick Fartwork, Hills are Alive to the smell of the hanging-out-to-dry Vagina, Simple Simon Minnie Ha-Ha Fasuliki, S P ("ksemorameni") M, and, (last but not least) the poxed-up Rentboy:- "Oh eh-rodas sas meh-ganeh na besso mess din hria. Na gollym-boh mess da skadah, keh-nasteh...
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    Poetry question from 'Ring Out, Wild Bells' by Lord Alfred Tennyson?

    What does "Ring out a slowly dying cause, And ancient forms of party strife;" mean?
  5. W

    Billy Collins’ Introduction to Poetry?

    what is the really means of thise poem?
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    Help me profavor, gay poetry?

    Okay so in high school we read a poem about a man dying from aids, he was gay. It was apparent that the dying man's brother had in a way disowned him and now that he was aware that his brother was dying, he was distraught about it. The straight brother was married and his wife disapproved of her...
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    How does this prophecy sound? (Poetry isn't my thing, but I tried my best)?

    Okay, so I'm writing a story, and the prophecy was supposed to sound mysterious and edgy, and lead the reader to believe that both dark and light have an equal chance at winning this war. So, here's the prophecy I made up for the story. Thanks! Man of downfall, man of fire, Man of evil’s great...
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    Tone in Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins?

    What is the tone in the last two stanzas of Introduction to Poetry? But all they want to do is tie the poem to a chair with a rope and torture a confession out of it They begin beating it with a hose to find out what it really means. The tone changes from wishful to... Bitter? Disillusioned...
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    The BBC would like examples of inspiring poetry to spur on our national

    sporting teams? I suppose, for example, Funeral Blues by W H Auden for the England football team but can you think of anything for the BBC, if so I'm sure you could find a link for Today, BBC Radio 4 (I guess you could cc [email protected]) comments, views and suggestions here:
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    Where are some good poetry lounges in Chicago?

    Not speaking of rappers trying to try their lyrics, but real poetry
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    Why are public schools foisting "feminist-rant" poetry, like Plaths, on children?

    Why are public schools foisting "feminist-rant" poetry, like Plaths, on children? is it to reduce our population by discouraging women to want to marry men?
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    How Do You Write A Synopsis For A Book of Poetry?

    I know how to write a synopsis for a novel, but its proving to be difficult doing the same for a book of poetry. How would I go about doing that and what is expected to be outlined in one ?
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    Can I get positive results from my poetry interests even is I do not get

    all the allusions and sybollism? I stick to short ones, and like to memorize some. I'm not into the superficial ones, I guess I'm in between the trite and epic. As far as I go is Tennyson's "The Charge of the Light Brigade" I'm on ts eliot now. I also go for Emily Dickinson since she has what I...
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    Any good funny poetry books?

    In my english class, we have to make a poetry book with 20 poems we made ourselves, and 30 poems that we found. The poems that I'm supposed to find have to be published, and I can only have 3 poems to each poet (so 10 different poets). We have to write a paragraph for each poem, and I'm not very...
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    Poetry help, please?!?

    I have to write a poem for school about the awakening by kate chopin, if you've never read it, its about feeling trapped in victorian society and the main characters gain, but eventual loss of love. In class we had to do this art project, and whatever other kids thought it was, gave it a title...
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    I need help writing a prophecy for my story? Anyone good with poetry mind helping me?

    I want a non-rhyming poem that sounds good for the information I'm giving. I'm not good at poetry and I need a little help... thanks in advance! THe man hearing the prophecy, his name is Tasman. Just Tasman. In the prophecy he hears that there will be 3 kids born in the year 2000 that will be...
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    Introduction to poetry assignment?

    Hey guys I'm writing a poetry assignment and I am unsure of a good introduction. I have already written the rest of the assignment but I'm stuck on the intro. The introduction basically has to include when poetry was founded what it is used for and why it exists. I've analysed the poems "The...
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    interested in editing poetry?

    I write a lot of poetry, but i do not know if it is any good. I don't feel comfortable letting close people read it, so would you be willing to critique and edit some of my poetry, and give honest feed back? http://member.mibba.com/64732/ you can email me any comments at hannibles love child at...
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    Can anyone tell me about Music in poetry & prose Author Ada M. Ingpen I think...

    ...I have the very frist copy ? Music in poetry & prose Author Ada M. Ingpen Author: Ingpen, Ada Subject: English literature -- Collections; Music and literature Publisher: Philadelphia, McKay Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT Language: English I am trying to find out if this is one of...
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    I turned my mini-rant into bad poetry, what do you think?

    Today I am sad. Not depressed, simply sad. There's something missing, and I'm not sure where I put it. I love you, that, it, they, everything. But I'm not sure quite how to express it. If I stand here for a while, I'll start to shake fidget, or cry without knowing quite why. But if I don't...