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    Should the presenter of Countdown be reprimanded for a politically motivated rant?

    Dunno if any other 'non workers' saw this, but he ranted about the concept of 'people only working hours they are paid for'. He said this notion was bull, and we all have to do unpaid hours to pull the country out of the slump. He said he always does extra unpaid hours. Well listen here...
  2. W

    Will this politically correct greeting work?

    You may quit reading when I say the correct thing. Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Happy Holidays Have a nice weekend There everone should be covered
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    Poll: Do you think people are too politically correct nowadays?

    I think so.. Just a little... I mean... there's prejudice and racism around us.. There are negative thoughts about people as a whole that we have.. most of us have... It's perfectly human! Perfectly natural.. Blame the instincts given to us by our monkey-human ancestors.. You stayed away from a...
  4. B

    Are candy cigarettes politically correct?

    We give out cant cigarettes every year for halloween (only for the older kids; younger ones get just regular candy). The kids we give them too love them. Is this right?
  5. S

    Do you talk about your private life with others who don't agree with you politically?

    Shouldn't they be trusted? If they don't agree with you politically, they may not share your value. So, why should you talk about your private life with others who don't share your value?
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    Politically speaking, why do people complain but never do anything?

    I have heard people complain about how bad the environment is, and how the government needs to fix it. Well, in a sense, the government is us. So why are these people not rallying for politicians who want green laws put in to place? People complain about the war, tax cuts for businesses, the...
  7. G

    Politically Speaking ...

    It turns out the American Teabagging Party is very diverse after all. They have all sorts of nutbags and morans amongst their members: Tea Party Diversity Event at Crooks and Liars. Mn Guv Candidate picks up key endorsement from the Star Tribune. ... And, in that very same race, the...
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    Atheists, do you think that ALL Christians are trying to politically

    change the world one law at a time? Do you think that ALL Christians visit their congressman and government officials at least once a month, in zealous attempt to force a Christian agenda on the world? Do you think that All Christians are politically active? Is that a good or bad thing?
  9. M

    No cameras in football! Is it because FIFA Refs are politically influenced in...

    ...their decision making? We all no FIFA refs had agenda's against United before that wolf bought them and turned the richest club in the world into the poorest.
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    politically speaking why so many rant and insults tonight.?

    i can not even answer a question as i must follow yahoo guide lines and report misrepresentation, insults, rants, hate speech and the rest.
  11. C

    Politically speaking, does anyone want to bid their farewells to Mr. Hopper?

    Just thought I'd ask. One my favourite, and most underrated actors from his generation. R.I.P
  12. E

    Is it politically incorrect to use the word "suicide" and/or to joke

    about the subject? I like to make morbid jokes
  13. J

    Anyone know any funny slightly politically incorrect funny one liners?

    I love to put some fairly left of centre politically incorrect one liners on my facebook profile like `I am as useless as Anne Franks drum kit`....`Save the dolphins!!!...then collect the whole set`....I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with "Guess" on it...so I said "Implants?"....you get the...
  14. F

    Does Glen Beck always politically complain on every episode of Glen Beck he does?

    cuz its like everytime i tune on Glen beck it seems like hes always mad at something mostly the government but i d k
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    Politically speaking. Are very obvious rants all that the GOP and Republicans have?

    Is it when you don't have anything true and accurate, you make up false scenarios and rants like "will 0bama kill grandma and grandpa in the death camps?" "0bama is a Muslim and is going to kill all white people", "ACORN is going to kill all white people along with 0bama, after they take the...
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    Politically speaking what is the?

    Last song you listened to.
  17. A

    Politically speaking what is the?

    Last song you listened to.
  18. G

    Is religion just a politically correct way of being accepted?

    To many people, I think that is indeed the case.
  19. J

    Can you joke about Tridds without being politically incorrect?

    Here's the joke: Once upon a time, there lived a small group of farming people called Tridds. They lived in a peaceful valley. One day their peaceful way of life was shattered by a giant that moved in on the nearby mountain. Every fall, the giant would come down from the mountain, steal all...
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    Will the United States ever heal politically after 8 years of devisive politics?

    The Bush machine with Karl Rove as chief of progaganda followed a policy of dividing the nation for political gain and caused much harm. Now we are hopeless divided and cannot cooperate on even the most simple things. How will this end?