1. T

    Post smoking weight gain correlates with nicotine dependence, serum lipid levels

    Smokers with more severe nicotine dependence are more likely to gain weight when they try to quit, according to research published in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Koji Hasegawa and colleagues from Kyoto Medical Center, Japan. Even with nicotine replacement therapy, individuals can gain...
  2. A

    Homer Bailey drops F-bomb on live TV in post no-hitter interview (Video)

    One of the obvious perils of live sports broadcasts is you don't know what emotionally charged athletes are going to do or say. Cut to Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey, who threw his second career no-hitter Tuesday night, blanking the San Francisco Giants 3-0. In his postgame interview...
  3. L

    if i post a Video on youtube will it also be shown on facebook?

    i have an account for both, yahoo and facebook. im wanting to post a video onto youtube but im wondering if it will be shown on facebook aswell? if so how can i stop this?
  4. V

    Katelyn Wolfe Killed After Facebook Post About Being Followed

    [No message]
  5. R

    What make a posting on Facebook show 3 times for each post on an Iphone?

    My brother in laws I Phone is showing each friends post in triplicate. Is this a bug or a setting?
  6. R

    I can't post photos from my iPhone?

    I know this question has been asked before, but my problem is different. Every one says go to settings,privacy then photos and enable it. Only problem is when I get to photos everything is enabled but it's all faded, I can't turn anything off or on it's just this faded grey color
  7. D

    Right I admin a fanpage from my blackberry and when I try to post a link it posts

    from my personal page? How do I do it so it posts from the page not my personal page?
  8. S

    Howcome facebook doesn't let you post quiz results etc. anymore?

    I don't know. I remember years ago people posting all this rubbish stuff about themselves, like quizzes they had taken. Howcome that doesn't happen now?
  9. H

    Post Hidden Arsenal 07 tin goldfish gadget deck profile?

    for all the machina gadget players out there how are you liking/disliking the new releases for this deck and what does your deck look like now with tin goldfish?
  10. D

    How do l post a YouTube video on my android concord?

    I just record a video and how do l post it
  11. TheLegendofZorro

    Can a company post a picture of my car without my permission?

    Can an estate agency advertising a neighbours house, with a photo of my car in shot, clearly showing my reg plate displayed publish this on their website without my permission? My car is actually takes up 1/4 of the photo its so clear. I know Google maps blurred the reg plates out, I'm unsure...
  12. A

    Plz post a link where I can download free Blackberry bold 9000 games frm PC. not

    the BB or RIM sites plz? I have accounts on blackberry and RIM websites but login doesn't work. So plz post some other links. Thanks in advance .
  13. C

    What are some lms post for facebook?

    That are shorts :-)
  14. A

    Canada Post to Australia, how long?

    I had a large parcel shipped to me from Ontario on January 26th and I still haven't received the item. It is being shipped international surface via Canada Post to Sydney Australia, and does not contain any prohibited items. I do have tracking, but the bar hasn't moved for about a week and a...
  15. M

    Bodybuilding post workout supplements?

    Okay so I started to lift again today after taking about 3 month off due to an injury. I have some supplements and I was wondering what am I suppose to drink after my work out. I have my hydro whey, hydro builder and a post recovery shake along with creatine. The thing is I cant take 2 of them...
  16. I

    How do I get facebook to stop giving out my employer when I post?

    So tere are certain sites as you know that use facebook to facilitate their discussion boards, and people can log in with facebook and post. The probalem is when I post, it shows my employer right next to my name. I don't mind it showing my employer to the people in my friends list, but I do not...
  17. D

    Good post apocalyptic novels?

    Whether it be a natural disaster or a virus or aliens taking over or supernatural event of some sort i don't care.
  18. C

    Why won't Quotev (formerly known as Quizazz) let me post stories, an about

    me or journals? So, I have tried just about everything. I have reset my internet, I have contacted the Quotev staff numerous times (and gotten no reply), and I have made new accounts. I don't know why it's doing this. One day, it was working, the next day - POOF! It stopped letting me post...
  19. O

    I truly appreciate this post.

    ÿþ[ What i don't realize is if truth be told how you're no longer really a lot more well-liked than you might be right now."Never let inexperience get in the way of ambition." by Terry Josephson.We had been ordered to generate down this suspension track as quick as possible. as the lowest pace...
  20. J

    How come when i post a picture to my facebook page from my ipad only a few

    people see it on their home page? How do I fix it to where all 350 of my friends see it on their home page?