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    Why does my UFC Undisputed 2010 game freeze whenever I preform an ankle lock?

    When the opponent is on his back and im in a standing position I sometimes preform an ankle lock. It used to never be a problem but now if you execute it both players will just stop moving. I once did an ankle lock early in round 2 and they wouldn't move for the whole round. Even when the...
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    when i ever i have to preform infront of pople for a competion i get so...

    ...nervous. how can i calm down? i don't know why but when ever i have to preform infornt of people,(dancing) i get really nervous. my legs feeel so weak, i feel tried and out of breath, and i start sweating. can anyone give me some tips or anything on how to calm down? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
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    celebrities to preform at my party?

    I really wanted to have britney spears preform at my party since it is "circus" theme, but she is on tour and it is really expensive to book her to who should i have preform at my party????? I was thinking hayden panettiere...
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    What do celebrities do when they don't preform??

    it seems that a celebrities have a lot of free time--what a dream job!! you could sleep all day, and play computer games, watch tv, ... XD