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    If Quran is one and greatest miracle proving Muhammad's prophethood, how...

    ...did he become prophet BEFORE it? The Quran was written hundreds of years AFTER muhammad had already DIED. So, effectively speaking he had nothing to prove he was a prophet. Neither was he able to perform public miracles that the other prophets were able to do. All he had was a military...
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    Phthalates Linked To Obesity In Black Children, Proving Health Isn’t Just Genetic

    Those damn phthalates are at it again. Not only are they linked to early menopause*and diabetes, but a new study has shown a new link to obesity in children, namely African-American children. More » Phthalates Linked To Obesity In Black Children, Proving Health Isn’t Just Genetic is a post from...
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    37% Of Births From Unplanned Pregnancy, Proving Women Need Better Health Care

    Unplanned pregnancy constitute 37% of births, and even more of the total number of pregnancies (43% of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion), according to a new report on pregnancy and birth control choices from The CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. The data, taken from 2006 to 2010...
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    HDL Won’t Protect Against Heart Disease, Says Study Proving ‘Good’ Cholesterol Is Wis

    A new study was released earlier this week that says HDL–otherwise known as "good cholesterol" by everyone from doctors to the CDC, because of its association with a lower risk of heart disease–may not do much to lower your risk of heart disease. This is particularly troublesome news for...
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    Molecule That Prevents Heart Damage is Also Proving Its Worth In Diabetic Patients

    ACE2, a molecule that has been shown to prevent damage in the heart, is now proving to be protective of the major organs that are often damaged in diabetic patients. Gavin Oudit, a researcher with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, and his colleagues at the University of Florida, found that...
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    Miranda Kerr Is A Fitness Model For Reebok EasyTone Shoes; Proving They Don’t Work

    There's been a lot of research about the shaky merits of "toning" shoes, and Reebok has even had to pay FTC fines for false advertising of their EasyTone sneakers, but all the proof you need is in their advertising: Now headed up by Miranda Kerr: the Victoria's Secret model who's chalked up her...
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    Watson-Simpson pairing proving rookie pressure no longer exists

    Fred Couples doesn't have a degree in theoretical physics from MIT, but based on the way he's captained the Presidents Cup team recently, you'd be hard pressed to convince someone that Couples isn't a flippin' genius. Two years after he paired Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker together and...
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    Who Cheers for Pleasures of Life above the imaginary God and my way of proving it?

    There is no proof of God and My final result is Why? All the Pleasures of life is better than the imaginary God. B cos i have researched answers from the public as proof. Love trying to prove God is Not Real through Yahoo Answers.
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    How can not proving if something exists proves that it exists?

    I see a lot of people say, God exists because you can't prove he does..........even my parents try to tell me that.
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    Was did Jeremiah predestinated to be prophet? (Je 1:5). Is it proving of

    existence of fate in Judaism? Before I formed you in the womb I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. -- this is the snippet --
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    which religion in the world has succeeded in proving itself the true one?

    not all can be right. if one is found to be true why is there other denominations if the main goal of a religion is seek truth? and why follow a religion knowing it is not true? @ Camille if martyrdom makes a religion true then all the dozens martyrs of islam make it better then the one martyr...
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    Can you BUY a country? (Proving a point to my friend)?

    Me and my friend are having a discussion and he thinks that if you walked up to the president of a country and gave them money, you'd be able to take control of the country. Please can someone prove my right, by explaining that simply is not the case.
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    Is Obama proving the Bell Curve theory?

    His and his administration's incompetence is sure proving something!
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    Trucks Up Tony Hawks Proving Ground?

    I am doing the tri city comp against Eric and Bob is telling me to do lots of tricks that will win the judges. I can do all of them apart from the last one for 10/10 which is do two trucks up grabs? Firstly what is a trucks up grab? Secondly how do you do one on Proving Ground?(PS3)
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    Are there any example's of religion proving science wrong?

    If so please list and reference
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    Need Help Proving A Limit To Infinity!!!!!?

    the limit as x approaches infinity, (1+(1/x))**x=e.....(** means to the power of x)....I need help proving that this limit is true and an explaination...please help.....
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    Does Aberdeen Proving Grounds have a schedule for when they test that is

    available to the public? I would like to know on what days and hours they are "blasting". My dog is extremely upset whenever they are firing and I will know when to medicate her to calm her down in advance with this information. Is there a phone number I can call to get their schedule?
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    Proving or disproving religion by dumping 10 children on a desert island?

    As an experiment.. If one true religion exists, should they turn to it, eg Sikhism (i picked at random). Or would they never come accross it and therefore never believe. Or, would they create there own, is it human nature to believe in something? Would this be a valid experiment in your opinion?
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    Why Does Hollywood Like Proving Its Liberal Bias, By Rarely Nominating Crime

    Fighting Movies? 'The Dark Knight' snubbed in best picture race Dark Knight voted 5th greatest movie ever. 'The Dark Knight' Snubbed By Oscars...
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    Should I get Tony Hawk Proving Ground or Bully Scoularship Edition For The Wii?