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    Decoding Food Purchasing Behaviours

    New research links key marketing factors to quality of food purchases Breakthrough research by Kusum Ailawadi, professor of Marketing at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth, can change the way companies think about marketing their products to consumers and shows that, contrary to most current...
  2. V

    Is this Centurion road bike worth it for what I am purchasing it for?

    http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/bik/3423099569.html I got the price lowered to 300 I'm a 5'7'' - 5'8'' male Thank you for your help
  3. Z

    When purchasing something from Nintendo's website, do they only take credit?

    My DSi's battery is likely broken and I need to purchase a new one off their website; however, I do not know if I have to pay only in credit, or if I can pay in checks, etc.
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    Legal age for purchasing alcohol in Fiji?

    On Wikipedia, it says the legal age for consuming alcohol in Fiji is 18, but purchasing age is 21. Can anyone confirm this? Also, are the laws relating to alcohol actually enforced or is it easy to get around them? I'm considering going to Fiji for schoolies (Australian here) and our group may...
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    Video game purchasing help?

    So a new game I want comes out this Sunday. But I don't feel like pre-ordering it, however, I DO want it on release day. I know how when you pre-order a game, you have a reserved copy. But if I don't pre-order, does that mean they will reject mu purchase if they don't have enough copies? Any...
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    Is it weird for a 21 year old to be seen purchasing classic disney cartoons in

    No way! I'm 21 and I practically buy all the old Disney movies when they come out remastered. I feel like a kid again =)
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    Who would be interested in purchasing custom daily nutritional supplements...

    ...based off of a private lab test? Lab test elegantly designed by top researchers and functional lab in the country. Before now this level of customized lab based was only accessible to world class athletes and the wealthy. By using lab tests, evaluating specific biomarkers for health, a...
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    A Mentor for a rookie purchasing agent?

    I am new the the Purchasing Agent game, and would like to find a mentor to ask questions and help me with insight on how to grow at my job.
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    What factors should be considered while purchasing a SATA to IDE

    converter for dvd drive? I have a SATA drive and IDE motherboard in hand.
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    purchasing a 2005 acura RL.. Help?

    Hi, im pretty new to cars and im planning to buy my frist car, this 2005 Acura RL 3.5 with 112k miles with the price of $12,991. i checked the carfax and there seem to be no accidents and it was regularly maintenance. i was just wondering if this is a good purchase and how long will its engine...
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    Purchasing an itouch help and suggestion?

    I'm currently on vacation in Thailand and just wondering if I buy an itouch from over here, will it going to work in the United States ? I'm sure that the videos and the music option going to work but what about other apps like map and safari ? Does anybody know whether or not they will work ...
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    IPhone 4 still says 'no service' 48 hours after purchasing ?

    What do I do?
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    The Dangers Of Purchasing 'Legal Highs' From The Internet

    Many drugs sold as 'legal highs' on the internet do not contain the ingredients they claim. Some instead contain controlled substances and are illegal to sell over the internet. These are findings of Dr. Mark Baron, who bought a range of tablets from different websites to see what each...
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    Purchasing blackberry apps?

    So I have never boughten a blackberry app and I need to know when you buy an app how long does it stay for? Like does the app randomly go away after a month, year, or does it stay on your blackberry forever?? Cause my free apps disappear after a few months. Thank you!! : )
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    Im thinking about purchasing a used 2004 bmw 325i with 90,000 miles on it is...

    ...this a good buy? The car is beautiful jus like any other bmw out there the car is only about 10,000 dollars it has all the perks of a bmw of that year leather seats,ac,power windows etc. however the only thing that i want to know is if the car is reliable. I want to know if anyone out there...
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    Purchasing a blackberry bold?

    I'm planning on buying a blackberry and i want a bold but i'm not sure which of the bold models i should buy. I was originally thinking of buying a bold 2 and just upgrading the os and whatever software is outdated on the phone...but then i was wondering if i should just go and buy a bold 4...
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    Purchasing on line unable to complete?

    I am unable to finalize a purchase online. I can put all the info in and then click complete order and nothing it just sits there. I have always been able to before. Is my security interfering.
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    Android Market - Problem with Purchasing a Game?

    Just a few minutes ago i bought the 'Hungry Shark Part 2 USA' game , i bought it with my amex card and it charged me for something like 5 dollars, anyway, the first time i tried purchased it, it got stuck on ''Authorizing Purchasing'' for something like four minutes so i canceled it, and...
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    What fees do you pay up front when purchasing a phone from Telus?

    I'm buying an iPhone 4 tomorrow from Telus, and I was just wondering what fees you have to pay up front? The fees I'm talking about are the actual 3-year contract fee ($159.99), activation fee, unlimited texting, or whatever other iPhone charges there might be. Do you have to pay these fees up...
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    Is purchasing a 2000 Toyota Tundra for $3000 a good value?

    I am in the market for a new(used) car, and was offered a 2000 Toyota Tundra V8 4wd Access Cab with 161,000 miles for $3000. I am a little hesitant to purchase an older vehicle with that high of mileage. Does anyone have any experience with them? How many more miles/years can I reasonably...