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    A question and request for the Admins

    I have a question: Why did you delete Always Remember me (game) NEED FULL GAME TORRENT!? after so much time ? Also i request that you undelete it if that is not to much trouble
  2. G

    Bodybuilding question?

    due to an injured forearm and wrist, i have to take about 3-4 weeks off from working out. There isnt a point in continuing my bulk now, so i was wondering if i should start cardio and start burning off some fat which ive wanted to lose for a while. So what do you guys suggest, should i start...
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    a question about blue ray players?

    Hi i need help setting up my blue ray player to the internet, it only uses ethernet cable but the problem there is quite simple. My modem is all the way down in the basement and the blue ray player is on the second floor, not possible to get i dunno how long ethernet cable running through the...
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    Question about mma and/or boxing?

    I want to train to fight so ill know how to defend myself. Also to get into shape. I was wondering if there are any trainers or places I can go to, to learn how to box or do mma. I would prefer boxing. I know it's a very good cardio excercise. I also don't want to be facing or trainin with other...
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    Naruto question relating to the newest chp 642(spoiler)?

    Ok so it looks like naruto might get the other half of kyuubi If that happens and if there is a sasuke vs naruto fight don't you think sasuke would some how need to obtain the rinnegan(I know sasuke doesn't have senju DNA well as far as we know) to even...
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    if you ask an annonymous question on ask.fn?

    dose the the person your talking to know who you are but other people who are looking on their profile doesn't or are you completely anonymous sorry if that confused you
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    Question about boxing gyms read description please?

    would it be okay to go to a boxing gym that has days for boxing lessons but also offers Muay Thai and kickboxing classes ( here is the link to their website ) it is also the cheaper gym (85$ a month) or would it be better going to the boxing gym that only...
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    Stupid question: where is Roger Federer staying in New York?

    In what hotel?
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    question about csr racing (iphone racing app)?

    does csr racing use up data when you play it without wifi?? i dont have data, i have $10 credit, and whenever i play it without wifi it doesnt use up my credit.... why is this? is it able to be played without wifi for free? thanks
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    question to christians:?

    1. so they say, believe in jesus and praise him so you be saved in heaven, if you dont then you go to hell. why would jesus send someone to hell if he didnt get worshiped? 2. what about the people born with other religions? say a muslim or hindu, do they go to hell because they didnt know...
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    new Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life question?

    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 a few hours ago and charged it. After 15 minutes of removing it from the charger, the phone is already at 90% battery. I've turned off all the extras, placed a darker wallpaper, even turned off my wifi, and my battery life says it's only going to last 1 hour and...
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    why does taco bell have such a bad rep? serious question?

    People always talk about taco bell causing upset stomachs and diarrhea but I did an experiment and ate nothing but taco bell for 36 hours. I ate 2 smothered burritos one chicken one beef, chalupa supreme with mild and hot sauce, a cantina burrito with steak, a crunch wrap supreme and a taco. I...
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    Question about the Iphone 4?

    is there a way to transfer my photos from my photostream (the one that's on on my iphone) onto my pc, without using icloud? thanks
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    Question about DVD ?!?

    my dvd's memory in 4.7 GB (i know i've asked a question like that before, i'm sorry but the program i'm using doesn't really show how much MBs a playlist or a song is taking) i have a playlist 7.4 hours long of songs of normal quality, would they fit in the dvd? would the dvd fit for even...
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    Question about Apple TV?

    If I watch a video or stream one on my ipod but I do not airplay will there be any history or anything on the Apple TV of what I have streamed on my ipod?
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    Question about Apple TV?

    If I watch a video or stream one on my ipod but I do not airplay will there be any history or anything on the Apple TV of what I have streamed on my ipod?
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    bittorrent question ?

    can i use the torrent when its downloded 100% and still seeding ??
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    T-boned on my bike insurance question?

    I was out riding last night, with lights and all, and I was in my respective lane crossing a sidestreet. A lady, at the same moment I was turning, came from the oncoming lane, turned her blinker on, and smashed right into me, sending me up on her windshield. My bike has a carbon fork and the...
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 Question!?

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 a good phone? Would you get it even considering theres a S3 and S4? What's the highest software for the S2? And can someone please give me their personal experience with it? Thanks!
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    LG MyTouch Q question!!?? C800?

    Whats the latest software for LG MyTouch Q? Mine is current 2.3.4, I looked all over the internet and it talks about there was an update to 2.3.6, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it. PLEASE HELP!! I'll give you 5 stars!! Thanks!