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    keyboard "clicks" slowly get quieter sometimes on iphone 3gs running os 4.0?

    keyboard "clicks" slowly get quieter sometimes on iphone 3gs running os 4.0? so when im typing the keyboard clicks sometimes just fade out. its a gradual thing. like within maybe 20 clicks it will have changed to where it is going to stay. sometimes it goes all the way quiet. and sometimes it...
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    how can i make my fish tanks internal pump more quieter?

    Hi, i have just bought a Betta 35 litre Lifespace Aquarium and when i set it up to stand for a week i noticed how noisy it is. It has got a built in trickle filter and pump. I think it is the pump making the noise because it is so powerful. Is there anyway that i can make it quieter?
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    Why does the radio play quieter than a CD on my car stereo?

    When I am listening to a radio station in my car I have to turn it up to hear it properly. Then if I was to put in a CD at the same volume level it will be significantly louder and I will have to turn it down.
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    How to I make the vibrate on my Motorola Razr V3c quieter.?

    I recently got a hold of a motorola razr but the vibrate is so loud that theres no point in using it. I want to use it in school but whenever it goes off everyone around me can hear it. I was wondering if theres anyway I can make it quieter.
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    how do I make my car run quieter?

    my car is loud
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    Is the 2nd generation Acura RSX truly quieter than the 1st?

    I read somewhere that the engineers intended the 2005 & 2006 models to be quieter on the road than the earlier models. Does anyone know about this or have personal experience? Any other personal thoughts about whether I should focus on the earlier or later generations will be appreciated!