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    I have LG R410 it is shutting down any time and on start it goes to

    recovery mode any advise? When i power on after its shuts down some time it ask me to run windows recovery and some time no issues it just come back normal.There is no particular timing it happens any time without notification.Battery power is ok it also happens when power is directly plugged.
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    Can i upgrade my samsung r410 to r450?

    i want the r450 but i have the r410 and i heard that you can take the r410 to metropcs to get it upgraded to the r450 for free is this true?
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    How to fix the bluetooth of my Samsung R410!?

    Does any body know how to fix the bluetooth of my Samsung R410? It would be better if i could do it my my self at home.
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    Anybody know any firmware that makes my Samsung R410 mp3 compatible?

    ok, well i got the Samsung R410 from Metro Pcs, its a great phone over all, but the thing that gets on my nerves is that you can only play Midi ringtones. I was just wondering if anybody knows is there is some kind of firmware out there that can make my phone mp3 compatible.