1. S

    Can you reccommend me to some good 3D games on blackberry torch 9860?

    I've been searching for 3D racing games on the app world but all I see is crap, so. Can anyone pls reccommend me to some?
  2. J

    Can anyone reccommend me some apps for iPhone 4?

    So I had $15 and so far got Angry Birds, DoodleJump and Plants vs. Zombies and I sitll have $9 left. Any noteworth apps or games to buy? And what do you think about Sonic 2 or 4? Which one's superior, and is it worth it? How about iMovie? This is for an iPhone 4 btw. Thanks! :D 0
  3. S

    Reccommend me Animes?

    Instead of putting a list of anime I've already seen, here's a URL to my list to see what I've already watched and how I've ranked it: Usually, I'd like a medium paced storyline (events don't happen too often, but don't drag on...
  4. I

    Do you reccommend the Olympus FE-370 in Silver?

    I already have a camera, but it only takes 5 Megapixel photos, and I am saving up money to get a new camera. There is a Sony Cyber-shot S750 Silver for a very nice price of $89.99, and there is an Olympus FE-370 Silver, for an okay price of $139.99. I would like to take some nice pictures, but...
  5. X

    Can you reccommend a book on healthy eating/nutrition please?

    I'd like to read a book about healthy eating/nutrition as i wanna eat more healthily, but whenever i go into a book shop there never seems to be anything just on healthy eating, its all that latest fads like the GI diet or detox your body or lose a stone in a day type crap lol. I just want an...
  6. C

    reccommend styling tools to get curly hair?

    hi, my hair is pretty straight by nature and just past my shoulders. it's normal-thick. I think i'd quite suit curls however so was hoping to get advice on styling tools. I have a Remington Big Shot Curls Curls Curls tong which I've tried using but the results don't always look quite right...
  7. TD

    Can anyone reccommend a good free screen recorder for vista?

    ^ cheers all
  8. K

    Tailgate music - please reccommend ASAP!!!?

    I'm going to an A's game and was asked to bring my ipod and supply the music. I only know two of the people who will be at our tailgate so I want to put together a mix that everyone will be able to enjoy, something cool but sorta safe. I have lots of rock, classic rock, alternative, punk...