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    How to Record BBC Radio Programs to MP3 Files

    Watch This Video: For BBC Radio lovers, sometimes you may miss some favorite programs on BBC Radio, it's actually a pity. However, don't worry any more, here is the easiest solution - recording BBC radio. Record BBC Radio Programs to MP3, and then playing them on the way.
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    Does Bittorrent have logs/history record?

    I managed to delete my entire video folder with over 200gb's of files. I've tried several recovery softwares to get my files back, but it didnt work. My question is: does bittorrent logs or a history record where I can check which files I have downloaded?
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    How do i record PS3 with an Telus Optik TV?

    I already have plugged in the HDMI cords but now what?
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    How should i record my call in nokia 5233 mobile?

    I am unable to record my call so give me responce as soon as possible
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    When will instagram have a new update that will let androids record and

    upload videos? Really wanna know..everytime I go on instagram I always see people posting videos and I wanna do it too :/ anybody know when there will be an update that will let androids post videos too?? (SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE)
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    Sébastien Loeb Sets Pikes Peak Record (With Video)

    Over the last weekend of June, Sébastien Loeb set a new record for the fastest run up to the summit in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. In the Peugeot 208 T16, has made it up the mountain in just 8:13.878, over a minute an a half faster then the record set last year by Red Bull teammate...
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    Didn't respond to traffic summons in NY. No record of it on my DMV Abstract.

    Am I clear of suspension? I received a traffic summons on the highway in Albany. I forgot to respond to it and now two months later I haven't received any notice about my license being suspended or anything else. I ordered an abstract of my record from the DMV's website and it doesn't mention...
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    Can Roxio HD record ps2?

    Was thinking of getting a Roxio HD game capture but am unsure what systems are supported. Anyone know?
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    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive Sets Nürburgring Record

    7:56.234 minutes. That’s the record lap time of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive on the Nürburgring, making it the first electric series production vehicle to make the loop in under eight minutes.
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    Can I record my tv easy with ipad?

    At the moment the only non software record device I have is iPad. Can I easily tape my tv for Los like this or is it not pissibill.
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    Why can't I record on my Philips 3480 DVD Player?

    Please, can anyone throw some light on my difficulties. Ever since I bought this machine I have been unable to record (except at the start). I have bought many different disc makes and speeds plus and minus but no luck. I must be doing something wrong but I have yet to find out. When I load a...
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    Are there any apps to record the screen of your iPod,iPhone or iPad.?

    I want to record the screen of my iPod because I want to record minecraft but I can't so are there any apps that can record the screen if an iPod,iPad or iPhone.
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    How can I record movies from ipod to dvd?

    I stream movies free through ipod, can I record it to DVD?
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    How can I convert my music DVD's into the old record player format so they will... ...? How can I convert my music DVD's into the old record player format so they will fit into my antique Jukebox
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    Surfer Shawn Dollar Rides 61-Foot Wave to Break World Record

    [No message]
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    How can I record my iPhone screen when i play games?

    My friends and I want to make a video of cool tricks you can do on the Sims Freeplay (iOS), but we cant find a way to record the iphone screen without holding a camera up to the screen. (We are looking for something like FRAPS but, y'know, for iPhone) Any Suggestions?
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    IPhone 5 Apps. I'm looking for one that will lets me RECORD tones.?

    There are a lot of those listed but I can't find one that works as advertised with ITunes 11. Anyone know of one that will?
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    trying to record on dvd items on my directv dvr?

    I am trying to record some items saved from my directv hd dvr. I went to best buy and they said the dvd recorder I need to buy needs a digital tuner. Well theirs do not have one. I can not find a dvd recorder with one. Is there any idea what I can do? Or where or if I can buy a digital tuner to...
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    Is there an app that can record iOS gaming apps on iPhone 5?

    I really wanna record myself playing games on my iPhone (Minecraft, Temple Run, etc.) Anyone know a good app to do that????
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    Video: Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car Taken To Its Limit

    In this video, originally posted on Bugatti's YouTube channel, Chinese racing driver Anthony Liu takes it right on up to 254 on Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien test track. Oh yeah, Liu does this without a freaking roof. There will be eight World Record Vitesses built, at a starting price of $2.6 million.