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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc. ___________________________ *********** Practical Explanation ( For Example ) :- `1st of all can you tell me every single seconds detail from that time when you born ?? ( i need...
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    Did ancient Homo sapiens have any religion?

    I know there have been documents of them burying the deceased with valuables, but that doesn't say much whether or not they had a religion, let alone followed Jesus Christ or even knew who he was. The bible was first written in Hebrew and Greek. How could Homo sapiens possibly be able to read...
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    What is the most ridiculous religion?

    I know they're all weird but whats the funniest
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    If we don't have freedom from religion...?

    does that mean we can ignore the rest of the Constitution too? The claim that the Constitution only protects "freedom of religion" and not "freedom from religion" is missing an important point. Religious liberty, if it is to mean anything, cannot...
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    What religion does this best describe? PLEASE HELP.?

    If it does describe one at all. -You believe in an afterlife, on Earth or not, but not a God -You don't believe anyone created the Earth -You are mainly science based, you believe science created everything -You believe in a higher spirit, but he can't control anything, so praying to him is...
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    who here believes in the jolly roger skull and crossbones flag as religion?

    1500 anoe dominoe! only about 500 years ago!
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    Is Judaism a welcoming religion?

    for one converting from Catholicism to Judaism My Mother's religion is none of your business Mike Michaels and FYI I will tell you she was born Catholic and died Catholic so why that comment?
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    Why do people pick a religion and say their religion is the one true

    religion, including Christians? Can't people see that when you have so many different beliefs in so many different religions and even opposite beliefs with some religions. That what makes sense is ( There is no one true religion) They are all based on only beliefs not any absolute facts
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    Theists, Do you think all other religion is wrong besides yours?

    I mean obviously if yours is right, none of the other ones could be, so they'd be wrong. So why do you think your particular religion is right and all other ones are wrong? And FYI, if you plan on using the bible as your reason, it's not a very good one. There are Thousands of Holy Books and...
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    Which religion is the real true word of the creator of the universe? please help?

    who is the real creator god of the universe...many religions mention of their own..but one must be true... only select from the two following options. 1.Flying spaghetti monster. 2. invisible pink unicorn. please tell me who is the real creator of these two.....if you think its not one of...
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    If you still debate religion, how do you stomach it?

    I am an atheist and have been so since I was 13. I spent my teen years arguing with or harassing christians. It didn't take long to realize that when it comes to religion, very very few people are willing to listen or change their minds. Basically it just seemed like a waste of time, and all it...
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    R&S, is the Religion & Spirituality category out of control? I just had to laugh at the every wingy post on the Suggestion Board. Some people really need to grow a thinker layer of skin.
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    Religion myth question; are we judged on a temporal bell curve?

    I realized one of my big problems with (I guess you'd say western religions?) is I feel like the bible doesn't allow us to be judged based on how our cultures progress and as we change as social beings through time, so I feel like we are groomed to compare ourselves to people who centuries ago...
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    POLL: What do you think? i'm going to start a religion devoted to goddess Lilith?

    i had a dream that Lilith came to me, told me to worship her...
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    between Circumcision vs human rights why religion always win?

    why every time someone try to ban male circumcision for babies political correct liberals and religious people make sure that such law will never pass PS:please spare me your psudeo-science how circumcision is good for males between Circumcision and human rights*
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    what is hindu religion rule relating to marriages after a family member passes away?

    last year both my parents passed away, recently my father's elder brother passed away, i postponed my marriage for one year, few people are saying that i need to postpone for one more year. problem is that there are many elder people in family whose health condition is not good, how many years...
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    Religion few question Christian?

    1) ive had a warm feeling 3 times one was at a revival, one was at an online church across seas, and last is through music in this language im trying to learn. Ps the church is from the place. 2) im getting draged from church kinda. From 5-10 I went to this church I stoped, came back at 17 kept...
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    Love is my religion. What is yours?

    And why? ^_^
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    what is the difference between religion and spirituality?

    if I do something against my religion, like killing a chink or a greaseball, and it still satisfies me spirtiually, is that ok?
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    Why do christians hang out in the religion and spirituality section?

    is it to attack the unreligious people?