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    Why Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do not believe in

    Hinduism Bhuddhism & Jainism!!? Read each line carefully and then answer it rightly:- I have met lots of people in my life from abrahamic religion who strictly do not want to believe in hinduism and kind of its explanation about GOD, while on the other many hindus are ready to believe about...
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    Is it wrong that I dislike some religions more than others?

    I guess I am a bigot since I dislike some things more than others even though every human is guilty of this. Rosco little p u nk
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    Why is it so hard for the world to disown all religions?

    Religion causes more war than anything. The crusades were terrible. If there was no religion on earth, we could all focus on the now and the future of OUR planet . We would be so much more peaceful and it'd be a better place to live.
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    Abrahamic religions were based on the belief that humans came out of single

    parents Adam and Eve.....? But now we have science which proves that it's no way possible for human civilization to have started from a single set of parents and there were at least 10000-15000 people. So if base is proved wrong would it be wise to still believe in the religion based on proved...
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    If you are religious, how do you respond to other religions?

    Just wondering: Today, there was a Christian who was trying to convince me that believing in Jesus was the way to heaven. How would this same person have reacted if I said I was already believing in a completely different religion? Would she still try to convince me other religions are wrong?
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    is it true judaism, christianity and islam claim to be the true religions from God?

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    If our ancestors hadn't killed the Neanderthals, how do you envision their religions?

    How would the Neanderthal's religions differ from the religion of the Cro-Magnon's descendants? I'm envisioning more parties. @Bottom It was a combination of factors. You can't deny the Cro-Mags killed their fair share, but they aren't the sole cause, no.
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    I love all religions !!!?

    Hello, because of all the hate I see in this section, I just want to let you know that I love all of Islam, Christianity and Judaism .. I have no problem with peaceful atheists too.. Like Allah say in his holy book : "Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or...
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    Similarities between Judaism and Islam religions on death and dying rituals.?

    I'm having the hardest time finding similarities between the two religions on death and dying rituals other than that both religions strive to bury their dead as soon as possible, both religions possess strict mourning rules, and I need one more similiarity! It'd be awesome if someone could help...
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    What religions are people not allowed to have sex?

    No marriage or sex.
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    Is it not possible to unite all religions?

    Christians, muslims, buddhist and all religions have their own messengers of God. Jesus Christ for Christians, Mohammed for Muslims, Buddha for Buddhist and so on. All these messengers have died never to come back again except Jesus Christ. Christians believe this and even muslims too. So why...
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    How would you rate the major Abrahamic religions from favorite to least favorite?

    Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Mormonism?
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    Are there any religions that believe we can travel to alternate realities?

    If so, which one(s)? No, I don't mean after death, I mean, now, while we are still alive. And I know how to think logically. Maybe the language isn't perfect but I mean a different world. If you've ever watched sci-fi or anything where people go to a different type of place. Does anyone believe...
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    Out of all the religions why did Judaism and Christian survive to modern times?

    Hinduism Buddhism and islam also survived. All the religions of the ancient world pass away Why?
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    why do christians say other religions can't explain the sin problem?

    how I see it, is christianity is the only religion that came up with the sin problem
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    how and why did human create so many religions?

    if zeus, Quetzalcoatl, amaterasu, Jehovah, isis, and loki never existed in the first place, why did ancient human all around the world created religion? is it the fear of death?
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    Is it advisable for all Religions to cherry pick their Religious Books?

    so that we can all live in Peace & Harmony on planet earth.
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    Pagnism: any of various religions other than Christianity or Judaism or

    Islamism.. what is modern paganism? This is the definition the web gives. I thought paganism wasn't hinduism etc etc I thought it was more of a personal choice of practices? what is modern paganism?
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    How was Judaism the same as all other ancient religions when it claimed...

    ...God's lordship over all nations? all religions back then taught that every nation had their own gods, but Jews taught that their God ruled over all creation. This is the reason Jews were hated so much back then because their world view left no respect or admiration towards other nations gods.
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    Please religions like Budda and Hindu,do they believe on the day of judgement?

    Do they also believe in heaven and hell?