1. R

    Was google navigation removed from android?

    I have a moto razr maxx hd...after the last update it appears that the navigation app has disappeared.
  2. M

    Why do Seeker fans want to have "The Legend Of The Seeker" removed from Netflix? I?

    Why do Seeker fans want to have "The Legend Of The Seeker" removed from Netflix? I? I know that Seekers Fans want a season 3 and more, as I do too. But I don't understand why they would want it off netflix.
  3. O

    why do you think Dish network automatically removed MSNBC from their

    channel lineup in my area? I have dish network and dish automatically removed MSNBC from the channel lineup even though I never requested it. Not that its a bad thing, but they did it on their own. I live in the northern virginia area and the monthly bill is over 100 dollars. But MSNBC plug was...
  4. G

    The TSA Has Finally Removed All of Its Naked Full-Body Scanners

    The TSA has announced that the "naked image" full-body scanners at airports that have caused so much controversy are no more. The scanners have been removed from all of America's airports. Replacing it are machines that show 'generic images' of the human body. Read more...
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    Ok I had my mirena IUD removed after two years. Me and my boyfriend had sex within

    24hrs after removal twice? In one night. I started to bleed a day later just a gush then it lightened up 3 days after. I completely just stopped bleeding . Now I'm having this white like clear discharge feels like I'm coming on my period but nothing Is their when I wipe. Also lower back pains...
  6. T

    Toxins Released By Bacterial Infections And Venom Removed By Nanosponges

    Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have invented a "nanosponge" capable of safely removing a broad class of dangerous toxins from the bloodstream - including toxins produced by MRSA, E. coli, poisonous snakes and bees. These nanosponges, which thus far have been studied in...
  7. M

    why was the online indicator removed from rogers yahoo mail page?

    Rogers updated there mail page and they removed this feature...Online Presence IndicatorWe removed the icon showing whether your contacts are online or offline with Yahoo! Messenger. If they removed the icon showing whether your contacts are online how are you supposed to chat with them? Is...
  8. T

    Once Punishment Is Removed, Rats, Like Humans, Return To Drinking

    Once heavy drinking impairs function, a variety of punishment-related threats may motivate people to stop drinking: spouses may threaten divorce, employers may threaten job loss, and courts threaten drunk drivers with losing their driver's license or incarceration. In the face of these threats...
  9. A

    Break it down, ASAP! Plastic removed from Tigers lockers after A?s ninth-inning comeb

    Baseball comebacks like the one the Oakland Athletics pulled off Wednesday night are fun for players and for fans (of the winning side). For sportswriters working on a deadline, or for clubhouse workers anticipating a series clincher, games that suddenly flip can be a terrifying bit of extra...
  10. B

    My husband is in excruciating pain from having an ingrown toenail removed...

    ...yesterday...........................? My husband had a callus that kept having a very painful split come in it so he went to the doctor and she removed half of his left big toenail and the ingrown that came out was really huge and it was very very deep. The callus he had on the side of his...
  11. G

    Dark Knight Rises Tragedy: All Hazards Removed From Suspect's Apartment

    People are breathing easier in one Denver, neighborhood. That's because Dark Knight Rising massacre suspect James Holmes' booby-trapped apartment has been officially cleared, according to...
  12. I

    Can the wifi/bluetooth card of a PS3 be removed and placed into a desktop... enable a desktop to use WIFI? A buddy of mine bought a PS3 from craigslist and found it none functional. I insisted that it wasn't beyond repair, but he decided to take what he wanted out of it and scrap the rest. He salvaged the Blue ray player and said I could have the rest. I'll...
  13. B

    What do I do after I removed a torrent?

    I removed it after it was done and it said seeding. Where do I find it and how do I use it? I checked and it isnt there. Nvm it is there LOL
  14. L

    Getting new iTouch. Redownload apps- will scores/stats be removed?

    So as you can see, i am going to get the new iTouch 4th gen. If i re-download my apps, will my scores/ stats be removed. If so, is there a way to retrieve it?
  15. M

    indash removed from truck had to install oem stereo back 2008 gmc sierra?

    So i have a 2008 gmc sierra my indash got stolen so i had to install my stock stereo back. My question is i have a sub and amp on the truck but when installed the stock stereo it didnt work what kind of other cable do i need to buy in order for the sub to work with the stock sterero is a 2008...
  16. S

    Video Has Been Removed By User?

    Whenever I try to watch this video on youtube, I get the video has been removed by user message. But I know the video is still up because people are posting comments about it. I can see a comment from 1 minute ago, but it still won't let me watch the video. Why is it doing this? Here is the...
  17. G

    Will the Zeitgeist movement not stop until generation outsource is removed...

    ...from economic power?
  18. S

    by mistake i removed my bluetooth device from control pannel. how can i

    get again. i have packard bell laptop.? I have window xp.please give some guideline thanks.
  19. R

    Where can i get hold of anime clips with the music removed?

    Just want to know if there are any sites I can go to to find anime clips with music removed. It's for a project. Thank you for any help.
  20. A

    Why was my question about Wikileaks removed. Is that classified too. LOL?

    What a laugh, even here people acr like they are in a movie in a cloak and dagger operation,....haw haw haw. What gives ?