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    Do electric pest repellent gadgets really work?

    We live near a mountain in a dry rocky area. We get a lot of cockroaches, many which fly right into the rooms. I am terrified of them and can't even bring myself to kill one. I litteraly freeze when seeing one. I keep seeing these electric pest repellent gadgets that you stick into a wall...
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    Checklist: Choose the best insect repellent for you

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    Where can I buy EcoSmart Organic Insect Repellent?

    Is it available at Wal-Mart or Target or something. Please give me a name of a store, not online websites. Thankyou in advance.
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    What to use as mosquito repellent (on the move) in Japan?

    Hi, We have been 3 days in Japan now, already we are filled up with mosquito bites. We have only visited Tokyo yet, tomorrow we will be going outside the city (Kamakura, Nikko, etc...) Does something like 'mosquito spray' exist in Japan? I mean the spray you put on that discourage the...
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    Safe insect repellent tips for babies and children

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    Should I bring mosquito repellent with me when I head down to the lake of fire?

    I know mosquitos don't have souls, so they shouldn't be there, but being lakeside with no mosquitos just seems too good to be true, for hell. Figured they might let some down there just to screw with us, so maybe I should pack some just in case?
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    Is something wrong with I boy repellent?

    Seriously..i'm grading soon, and i've never had a boyfriend. & Whenever i'm around guys they just seem to look away and occupy themselves instead of paying any attention to me, when I'm trying to talk to them. I'll admit i am a bit quiet, but its just who i am, especially around new people. But...