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    Is There A Way to Safely Use Bittorrent Pirate Bay on My Home Laptop?

    I actually used to date someone who used piratebay, but he was like, a programmer, and he didn't get any malware or viruses from it because he knew what he was doing on a very highly intelligent, advanced level because of his knowledge as a programmer. He told me though that there's a high...
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    30 gallon tank how many fish can I safely put in?

    So I'm starting an aquarium and I was trying to decide what kind of fish to but in, but the problem is I don't know how many of each I can have in the tank without it getting to crowded. These are the types I had picked out: Ghost Shrimp Albino Cory Catfish Glo Fish Zebra Danio Marigold...
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    Mexico vacation ideas needed! I need help in deciding where (safely) to vaca... Mexico.? My boyfriend and I are wanting to take a fun but romantic trip to Mexico around the beginning of July. Preferably when the spring breakers are gone (we are in our 30's) and the prices aren't too high. I personally have already been to Cancun (he hasn't been out of the country) and...
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    Getting siri safely on Iphone 3gs?

    I was wondering if there was a way to safely get siri on the Iphone 3gs I don't really want to jail break it as some of the side effects of doing that sound a little bit less than desierable, however I would love to have siri on my phone. I have seen quite a few videos of how to get cydia...
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    Can we safely conclude that evolutionism as a philosophical trend belongs... the previous century alongside..? ..Freudian psychology?
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    Can I update to iOS 6 safely?

    I have a iPod touch 4 and it's running 5.1.1 jail broken and I need to in jailbreak but want to keep iOS 5.1.1 but if I update my iPod from settings, will it keep everything and just update and remove the jailbreak but keep all my photos and mail and apps and bookmarks
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    How To Bike New York Safely While Subways Recover From Hurricane Sandy

    Safety is a big concern for anyone who chooses to bike New York. But after Hurricane Sandy, road conditions are particularly rough...and a lot of people will be forced to travel by bike with the subway system down and streets packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic. While you wait for carmageddon...
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    how to carry a gas can safely in the back of my suv?

    i will be snow blowing driveways this winter. my snow blower fits in the cargo area. i dont want any windows open. i was thinking of setting the heat on low or should i carry my gas can in a box. my car is rear wheel drive, i got stuck only once. i carry 2 five gallon buckets full of sand so i...
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    Where can I buy a computer safely?

    I've been shopping around a bit on Newegg and found a good looking PC that fits my budget. 600$ to 700$ My issue is, I've been reading reviews from "customers" on these sites and 8/10 of them are these horror stories about...
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    safely buying cialis overseas

    <a href="">canada pharmacy</a> canada online pharmacy no prescription needed Canadian Pharmacy: brand and generic medications. Discount Canadian drugs. my canadian pharmacy reviews canada pharmacy canadian pharmacy no prescription vicodin
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    How To (Safely) Do A Food Allergy Elimination Diet

    Gluten, lactose, shellfish, peanuts. No matter what the food, it seems like someone you know*can't eat*it. People might roll their eyes when you explain you're allergic to gluten, but food allergies are serious business. Luckily, public awareness of food allergies is growing rapidly, as is the...
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    Safely Treating Prostate Cancer And Lowering The Risk Of Recurrence

    A recent Phase I/II clinical trial has shown that a new combination of radiation therapies developed at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center escalates radiation doses to safely and effectively treat prostate cancer and lower the risk of recurrence with minimal radiation exposure...
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    Stylish Knife Block Lets You Safely Play Five Finger Fillet [Kitchen]

    We're not sure how many fingers have been lost after people watch Aliens and try to recreate Bishop's Five Finger Fillet stunt. But if you stick to only playing with this lovely knife block, you'll never have to worry about an emergency trip to the hospital. More »
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    Stroke Patients On Warfarin Can Be Safely Treated With Clot-Busting Drug

    Acute ischemic stroke patients taking the blood thinner warfarin can be treated safely with the clot-busting drug tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), according to research presented at the American Heart Association's Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2012. "Although it's...
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    Women With Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Can Safely Bear Children

    New research has shown for the first time that it is safe for women who have been diagnosed with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer to become pregnant, despite doctors' previous fears that pregnancy could boost levels of oestrogen in the body and cause the cancer to return... More...
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    1 Determine a safe speed to travel based on ____________. how far you can see ahead traffic density All of these answers are correct. the design and condition of the roadway 2 You should search a minimum of__________seconds ahead of your vehicle to avoid obstacles in your path. 15 30 3 60...
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    How can I sell my bike safely on craigslist?

    I'd like to sell my BMX bike on craigslist and would like to know some precautions to take. Also, what's to prevent the person from riding away with my bike if they want to test ride it? Thanks for all help!
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    How to Buy Cheap World of Warcraft Gold Safely?

    Is buying World of Warcraft gold safe? Can I get banned? Where can I find the cheapest gold?
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    Travel Safely As Cold Weather Approaches, American Red Cross Reminds

    The American Red Cross is reminding Americans about travel safety as the colder weather arrives. The organization warns of several feet of snow and many inches of rain and high winds that are predicted to hit a wide swathe of the country, from coastal Oregon to Montana. Heavy rains and...
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    Department of Homeland Security: Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely or the Terr

    What is it with killjoys? Every major holiday celebration—be it fireworks for 4th of July, turkey frying at Thanksgiving, or alligator wrestling on President's Day—seems to draw out finger-wagers and their shrill cries of "You'll shoot your eye out!" Case in point: this ominous tweet from the...