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    where can i find a bellosom pokemon in the saphire version?

    pls help so i can trade it to a corsola
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    pokemon saphire for gba help please?

    how do u find more sunstones????
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    Need info. for pokemon saphire for gba.....?

    okay now i went to shoals cave (or whatevr) and i got a shell bell but what else is shoals cave for or is the shoal shell and shoal salts mainely all u find in there???? also what other things do u do after u beat the elite 4 and get kyroge (i know i spelled it wrong)?????please help best answer...
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    on the gameboy game pokemon saphire version how do u.......?

    okay im trying to get strength but idk where to find it i also want to know how to get all the way across that white thing that u can only ride ur bike on in the safari zone??? please help me the 1st person to help me gets 10 points:)