1. A

    Sara sets out on journey at 10 50. She travels 65km at 20km/h. At what time

    does she complete her journey? Please help. Thanku!!
  2. M

    When were the Sara and Dara dolls introduced in Iran?

    Also if anyone could post any links about their "stories" or history it would be great. I am writing a research paper on barbie being banned and I am having no luck learning about the barbie replacements. Thanks!
  3. A

    Where can I find free sheet music of Uncharted by Sara Bareilles?

    I have looked all over and I don't want to buy the whole book, is there anywhere that has this song's sheet music for piano and voice?
  4. N

    Have you read Alice by Sara Flanigan?

    did you like it? what was so great about it? what is something the author should have done a little differently? (examples from story) what was the climax? initial and main conflict? how are the conflicts resolved? my friend wants me to tell her what the book is about, and if she should read...
  5. K

    Is it possible to meet Tegan and Sara during the Honda Civic Tour 2010?

    I was just wondering if I would possibly be able to meet them either before they perform or after, or maybe even after the entire show is over. My girlfriend and I are going and both of us are huge Tegan and Sara fans.
  6. W

    what was the verdick in the trial of sara kannane vs flarda?

    the trial was on trutv
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    Someone make an instrumental version of a Tegan and Sara song for me, please?

    I desperately need an instrumental/karaoke version of either I know, I know, I know or Divided by Saturday. Could anyone PLEASE help me out? I can't find either of them online and Audacity won't remove the lyrics properly. Thank you! :)
  8. J

    DO you laugh as Hard as I do when Libs think the Tea party is all about Sara,

    Rush, Joe the Plumber? or beck? Silly, underestimating, clueless libs...why do they always bring a feather to a gun fight?
  9. K

    wanted (pretty little liars series) by sara shepard? online?

    I know it didn't come out yet but I can't wait anymore. I'll still buy it when it comes out but I really really wanna know if there's anywhere I can read the full book online or even just the first few chapters (some kind of snippet). Please & thank you!
  10. D

    does anyone notice sara palin?

    I have been noticing lately Sarah Palin has been very popular since the election did everybody already know her because on the Yahoo! News thing there has been a lot of news involving Sarah Palin agreed??? is this the right category
  11. T

    Does it ever occur to Liberals that Sara Palin only laughs at you?

    Seriously. She has a spine. You've trashed her and her family all you can. And you continue. All she does is smile and continue to piss you off without saying a harsh word in return. She is mature enough to know children when she sees them!!!
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    What does the poem Helen of Troy by Sara Teasdale mean and who is the...

    ...narrator?(poem inside)? WILD flight on flight against the fading dawn The flames' red wings soar upward duskily. This is the funeral pyre and Troy is dead That sparkled so the day I saw it first, And darkened slowly after. I am she Who loves all beauty -- yet I wither it. Why have the...
  13. G

    Sara Evans-Real Fine Place-(Proper Advance)-2005-RNS

    Category: Music-MP3 Size: 104.69 MB Files: 22 (5 pars) Group: a.b.sounds.mp3.complete_cd .NFO: View NFO Posted: Wed March 18th 16:46:42 UTC Download NZB
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    What is the song in Aquamarine when sara paxton falls off of the bike in...

    ...front of ray's house? please tell me ASAP!!! thanks :)
  15. D

    If Sara Palin invited you to go moose hunting would you fall for that?

    I mean Dick cheney kinda set a precedence on that concept didn't he
  16. A

    ending of parties and potions (by sara mlynowski )?

    is rachel with Raf or Adam please tell me just the name nothing else :)?!?!?!
  17. H

    A maiden by sara teasdale?

    what is the subject, form of the poem, speaker, audience, tone, and theme of this poem?
  18. J

    Can I hunt a Wolf? Sara Palin?

    I really want to hunt one from a helicopter and would like to thank Mrs Judd for the idea! Anyone know where I can sign up? People I really want to hunt one, for real no joke I hunt deer and turkey yearly and would love to hunt from a helicopter. I will send the pictures to Ashley. It will make...
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    What are the nutrition facts in Sara Lee Chocolate Dream Pie?

    I cannot find any nutrition facts on this pie anywhere online. Does anyone happen to have one of these pies in their house where they could give me all of the nutritional information? Or perhaps know of a website where they list this information? I need every nutrition fact (serving size...
  20. L

    Does anybody know what Hollywood films, Sara Calaway starred in? ?

    I read on Undertaker's bio that his favorite actress was his wife, but I'm little confused I'm not sure about this, but I think I also read that she doesn't consider herself famous or watching herself on TV. When read that article, that kind of gave in an idea she was an actress. I'm not sure...