1. H

    Mexican soccer Section: I'm the Robbie Rogers of the MFS why you mad tho?

    i'm here, im qu33r now get over it. bq do you support g@y marriage
  2. O

    why are you all wasting time fighting over a boring section of a fake sport?

    you all should be doing something fun like watching a real sport like ufc,mlb,nba or nfl anything but that pathetic fake rasslin
  3. K

    Why do christians hang out in the religion and spirituality section?

    is it to attack the unreligious people?
  4. J

    how to say what i'm studying at my university in the about section of facebook?

    My profile say studies at The University of ... but i want it to say studies Engineering at The University of ...How do I do this?
  5. P

    Scottish football section but an English trivia question?

    Which English club once had barbed wire round their stadium to stop people climbing out A good answer Tatty and good reasoning but I would say that would be to stop people getting in. The reason for the one i'm talking about is to sop people getting out. None of them - no Do you want a clue? OK...
  6. M

    Mexican football section?

    Is it true There was a 4 car crash in Mexico today. 243 people died? BQ: have you thanked the Americans ( or how you like to call them "big brother") for the handouts they have given you today
  7. K

    mexican soccer section is there a shout out you wanna?

    say my shout out to my dad my little bro my primo my P.E coach my dentist and laura from school
  8. T

    why cant i scroll side to side on the new yahoo mobile main article section?

    I'm on a tbolt running Ics.
  9. A

    I wanna thank all of you who are part of the yahoo answer polls survey section?

    Thank you all!
  10. A

    Tumblr Help? Reply to a reply on the ask section?

    So I went on someones profile and sent them something through that ask option and they replied. How do I reply back?
  11. D

    Where can i find the riddles and joke section?

    What is it under?
  12. W

    commet section , bell , nothing works?

    all of a sudden the comments section and the bell notification and just about all yahoo sites not working , right ,, what's up ,, I had upgraded to yahoo plus and it sucks ,, not worth it kids
  13. T

    Infant Gut Microbiota Influenced By Caesarean Section And Breastfeeding Practices

    Practices may affect health in later life Method of birth (vaginal birth s. cesarean delivery) and feeding practices (breastfeeding v. formula-feeding) influence the development of gut bacteria in newborns and thus may affect lifelong health, according to a new study in CMAJ (Canadian Medical...
  14. M

    Spanish Football Section: Ronaldo fans:?
  15. I

    I came to this section to read some questions and answers because i was

    interested in atheism, but now...? ... after reading all the inhumanely negative, mean, and rude things other atheists are saying in here, i will be looking elsewhere. I'm actually appalled, because you people should be ashamed of yourselves. Being rude and disrespectful is never good.
  16. L

    Who is the biggest gossip within the Gender Studies section?

    I do reckon it's Incubus, or maybe Casual Fan. Idk.
  17. I

    What size is each separate background section of a Motorola Droid Razr?

    This phone: It has 5 separate sections for apps and all that, and I was wondering what size each section is? I want to make a custom background for the phone, and I want to be able to have it so it's not split up among the entire...
  18. $

    Why are Christians in the Religion section?

    I thought that "Christianity isn't a religion, it is a personnal relationship with god" - Most Christians
  19. L

    Why is the Greek Travel Section resembling Mr Yannis Cleese's "deceased parrot?"?

    Why is the Greek Travel Section resembling Mr Yannis Cleese's "deceased parrot?"? This is getting serious!
  20. A

    why did yahoo put my question in the jokes and riddle section?

    it was not a joke, my dad sersiously left out some old ass chicken and he finally opened the container and it was like hiroshima met the titanic in a house of 1000 corpses.!!! and i want to know how to get rid of the smel!!! he did throw out the chicken but it still stinks!!! he also sprayed...