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    1995 gmc seirra 1500 w/350 not getting any fire to the distributer,coil,or plugs.?

    Started stalling like a fuel prob, so changed filter then pump and still no crank. Next autozone said engine control module then coil and neither worked cause theres no power going to the distributer or plugs. Help please gotta get it back on the road!
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    1999 gmc seirra, security light comes on and truck wont run, replaced the

    computer already and 1000 of dollars? the security light comes on and then the truck will roll over start for a few seconds and then shut off gm garage replaced the computer last year when it did this and now have replaced almost every sensor on the truck but it did it again today
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    1990 gmc seirra new instrament panel/guage, avaialable?

    Im looking to try getting a new instrament panel for my 1990 gmc sierra standard cab that tries to accomadate needles rather than using the bar, and also try to get the tachometer along with if possible. Does anyone know if there are any intrament panels for my truck besides for the stock...
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    fuse block diagram for a 1979 gmc seirra 1/2 ton 4x4?

    i'm trying to fix the wiring in my 4x4 and i want to know if i have fuses missing since i dont ahve dash lights but my tach lights up can someone give me a link or something to a diagram to a 1979 gmc fuse block i have no ac or cleanece lights either. oh yea and how to i find a gear ratio for my...