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    uke or seme quiz easy quick quiz? type your results as the answer boys and girls can take the quiz I got innocent uke i'd like to know your guys results
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    What are some yaoi manga where the seme is hot but the uke is normal looking?

    I am looking for any Yaoi or shounen ai where the SEME is hot/sexy/popular while the the uke is, for lack of a better term ugly or normal. I have only found one so far its called aitsu no aitsu no daihonmei and its the cutest thing in the world. Reading it though has made me want to find more...
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    Yaoi manga with an uke turned seme?

    Please??? I like reversible and taller uke and smaller seme, I really really like stories like Totally Captivated where Mok-Eul an uke became a seme and Ewon a seme became an uke.... (Mok-Eul is uke to the old man-- the president) Please?? I like Neji no Kaiten.. A threesome is also accpetable...
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    Any yaoi Manga With Cool Seme AND Uke?

    Im searching for some yao manga that is not like: cute uke n cool seme, But I want both of the seme to be cool n good looking, im so tried of the cute uke... So is there any good yaoi manga with cool / good-looking Seme AND Uke? ^^ (NO On Going Mangas Please Only Compleated)
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    what's a good YAOI manga/anime with a cute uke and a hot seme ?

    Something like Okane Ga Nai.. Ayase who has blonde hair and Kanou who has dark brown/black hair Any recommendations for an anime or manga like this ?
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    Who would be the seme if they got together: Sasori or Itachi?

    You see, this is the question my friend, and I have been arguing about for a while. She believes that Itachi should be seme, but I feel it should be Sasori. I want other people's opinion.
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    how do u play a seme in a yaoi roleplay?

    ive been itching to do a yaoi roleplay with someone and everyone ive asked has said they are only doing uke, so ive decided to play the role as the seme but i just dont kno how, can anyone help me with this??
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    Mc Solaar-Qui Seme Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo-FR-1991-iNDAHOUSE INT

    Category: Music-MP3 Size: 91.68 MB Files: 28 (6 pars) Group: a.b.sounds.mp3.complete_cd .NFO: View NFO Posted: Tue March 3rd 18:17:56 UTC Download NZB