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    What's the Mortal Instrument book series about?

    I'm thinking of reading them. I read an excerpt from the first book, I thought it was brilliant. But what are they about exactly? But no spoilers. Just a simple summary of the series. Thank you.
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    Looking to buy the first series of kick ass comics's?

    Hi I want to get the first set of comics for the first movie and can't really find a place that sells #1-8 all together and I don't want to buy them sepretaly so can anyone tell me where to buy the first kick ass comic book collection or send me a link to a website that has it Thanks
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    Getting TV series torrents from another PC?

    How do I do it? Because I'm going on a road trip next month, and I wanted to put TV series on my tablet to pass the time. I'm trying to get them from the main PC from my PC. Any advice would help Thanks
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    Why none of Nokia Asha series phone have GPS?

    Why none of Nokia Asha series phone have GPS?
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    best SERIES torrent site?

    we all know that is the best movies download site .. is there any series torrent site?
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    which book series from below is the best?

    1.lord of rings book series 2.percy jackson series 3.the hunger games series 4.tintin series or any other series you reccommend?
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    how to connect a monitor to a motorola cpx 8000 series server?

    I have a motorola cpx 8000 server .I want to use it for something but i don't see any way to hook a monitor , it did come with a linux os disk . I have no idea what i can do with this i guess.
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    Is this a Marvel series or issue?

    is this an issue from Hulk series? or is it just a fan drawing, and who is this kid? is he Zeus son? and what r his abilities and name? and thanks
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    Should I purchase a Mercedes Benz C class or a BMW 3 series (2003)?

    I'm going to buy my first car and I cannot decide between a C class or 3 series. I know that I want one of the two and will get one from 2003. The things that I am curious about are the costs of maintenance/repairs and insurance cost (are either of them considered sports cars, and if so how much...
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    What anime or cartoon series should I watch?

    What are some nice anime or cartoon series preferably with good mature humor(not stupid slapstick or plain stupid humor) has depth and if possible a good story(not nessessary for comedy). For anime I do like sexy anime ladies so bring it on but anything is fine. For cartoons I like the general...
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    Good tv series that are worth watching preferably sci-fi?

    Hey im currently done watching every single episode released for supernatural , revolution and falling skies. I want a tv series that is either , a post apocalyptic world/a group of people trying to help other people just because they know they are doing the right thing. or anything similar to...
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    What's the real Chinese title of a kungfu series titled "The Golden Sword"?

    I used to watch the series through rented beta videos during on '90s or late '80s. I didn't finish watching the series and thinking of finding the series now... I don't know the Chinese tittle (the real tittle)... There was a love triangle between the main characters; Hsiao Ling, Yueh Hsiao Cai...
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    What series is this image from? I saw this and I remember seeing it on a website a few years ago. I've been trying to remember where it was from, I'm pretty sure it was a comic of some kind. Does anyone know the origins of this image? If you...
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    PS3 Sci-Fi Games like the RaC series?

    I absolutely LOVED the RaC (Ratchet and Clank) Franchise, and as suggested during the release of RaC:A4O, it's sadly coming to a end, leaving it's mark with one final game that was ultimately a bigger let down than Sonic 06's controls and glitchy gameplay. And now that all I have is 3 RaC games...
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    ?Colllege? World Series opens with conspicuous misspelling on dugout

    Misspellings, typos and grammatical errors come with the territory when you seek out a career in writing. Fortunately for most of us, there's someone looking over our shoulder — sometimes both shoulders — to make sure those errors get corrected in a timely manner, or at least before they reach...
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    Has anyone ever heard of the tv series of:The Future Diary if so will

    you direct me to some torrents? If any one can like give me a link to the full season that would be so cool but if no that's all cool I'm just tired of having to go through watching all the stupid ads on Funimation so thanks every one.
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    Should I buy Doctor Who series 2 on DVD or itunes?

    I don't have a netflix account and I really,really,really want the 2nd season of doctor who. So i looked online and i could buy it on dvd for around $40 and the Itunes one is around 25$ but that would mean i could only watch it on my computer and in really crappy quality. HELP?!?!?!
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    Where can I buy "Code Geass" the entire series in a DVD box set?

    I am looking for wherever I can find the Code Geass Anime series box set that has all the episodes from R1 and R2. I especially need the one with all the Picture Drama, Sound Episodes, and special extras. Pretty much I am looking for it all...Does anyone know where I can buy it?
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    Fans of the demonata series by darren shan?

    Arent those books just incredible?? I read them a long time ago, but i just re-read BEC. Man that would make for a GREAT movie ( they alll would ) But with the popularity of games of thrones. This is kinda that setting. ! Anyone else love those books?