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    How do i download music from my pc onto my new SGH-U600 samsung mobile?

    i recently bought this phone and have no idea about how t download music onto it
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    Samsung Sgh-u600 Help Please?

    -I've just gotten the above phone. -I have windows vista as my operating system on my computer and I have installed the samsung PC studio for it too. -I don't have any mini SD memory card in the phone however the phone still can have its files read. Now here is the problem when I open the PC...
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    Super Bluetooth on Samsung SGH-U600?

    Hey guys,I have Super Bluetooth files on my Samsung SGH-U600 in .jad and .jar file format but when I try to open either one a message comes up saying 'unsupported file',(mabye I might need to change the file format,and if so,how?)and I dont know what to do from here,so if anyone could help it...