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    does shellfish have to be cooked before fed to puffer fish?

    like clams, mussels, and oysters?
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    why do they say wait until 2 to introduce shellfish and peanuts?

    I was just curious...can exposing them to these foods earlier actually make them more susceptible to developing an allergy? I haven't given my 15 month old either yet, as my sister is allergic to both, but I was just curious as to why 2 was the perscribed age.
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    Illuminating Shellfish That Aren't Safe To Eat

    Red tides and similar blooms can render some seafood unsafe to eat, though it can be difficult to tell whether a particular batch harbors toxins that cause food poisoning. A new kind of marker developed by chemists at the University of California, San Diego, and reported in the journal ChemComm...
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    I am allergic to Shellfish. Will an Epi Pen stop the reaction?

    I also saw stories where it is too later to use an epi pen and it is ill-reversable how long does it take to get to that stage. I think it is stage 3.