1. Y

    Is there a website to download Heroes( tv show) directly from an itouch?

    Or just to watch it online in mp4 format?
  2. A

    Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly puts on quite a show against Baltimore

    Luke Kuechly was considered a can't-miss prospect at middle linebacker when he was picked ninth overall last year by the Carolina Panthers. And he had a 164-tackle rookie season, just to prove everyone right. And at the start of his second season, Kuechly looks like he wants to take the crown...
  3. F

    Where can I watch the new Fox Sports Live show with Jay and Dan on Telus Optik TV... Edmonton Alberta? It is listed on the Speed channel but the show is not airing
  4. D

    Where tickets for sale at the entrance at the show Roger Water The Wall Live?

    I want know if they sell tickets for the 2012-2013 tour at the entrance at the show ?
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    Show picture of 2001 Smart car Japanese model?

    Show picture of 2001 Japanese Smart
  6. T

    Is life in the south anything like that Mtv show Buckwild?

    Also are there a lot fo girls that look like the ones in that show? Also, do you think that like military guys from California?
  7. D

    old toonami show name?

    i don't remember much about the show, one of the few episodes i do remember had a sort of crazy clown guy who was impervious to bullets by some futuristic tech body suit that made him really fat and allowed him to fly. they talked about his back story and he was insane and they killed him in an...
  8. K

    What is a good song to show to a non believer about Christ?

    I have a friend who really needs help in his life but he doesn't want me to talk about god to him, he is a musician so I was hoping to find a song that would help him connect to Christ, I'm not trying to make him believe in my religion, he is depressed and confused about his life and came to me...
  9. C

    Will the tv show mako mermaids be on DVD or iTunes?

    Mako mermaids will it be DVD or on iTunes? Currently the show is streaming 13 episodes on Netflix and will air more September Can anyone help me figure out if it will be available on iTunes or DVD
  10. J

    Why do some people try to show off their expensive gadgets?

    Like they always keep their iPhone on their hand or wear sunglasses and try to act cool and what not. In reality, they're just losers with no life. So why do people do this? Are they just really insecure?
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    The EveryJoe Show: Ex Playboy Model Jenny McCarthy New Co-Host on The View

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    The EveryJoe Show: MTV Video Music Award Nominations

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    What is a good dc show to watch?

    I just got into dc and finished watching justice league unlimited and young justice. What is another animated show like these that have dc characters?
  14. T

    Mrs. Carter Show or Diamonds World Tour?

    Sorry to pit Beyonce and Rihanna against one another but they're performing here in New Zealand around the same time and I can only go to one. Which one should I go to? I'm torn.
  15. C

    How do I get Telus Optik TV to only show channels I have.?

    I just got optik Tv today and so far I have been liking it. I just got a basic package. I had the setting on that it only showed me the channels I could watch. Then I looked up TLC to see if I had it. I clicked on it and now it's showing me every channel in the guide. How do I change it back?
  16. M

    my mans father turned the car around to show me a picture of my man and his ex ?

    my man didn't see any problem with that and disregarded my feelings it really hurt me
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    Great Recession: Was this really a DC thing? Show me one demographic that...

    ...didn't have their hand in? the cookie jar during the real estate bubble. Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Independents, Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, rich, poor (subprime ring a bell?), middle-class, East Coast, West Coast, S.W., ... ... EVERYBODY was getting what they...
  18. R

    My htc one doesnt show the latest sense update?

    The latest Sense update for the HTC One is out (.666.17) but my phone is still stuck on .663.17. Whenever I go the settings and check for updates, it says no updates are available and my phone is up to date. Now Android 4.2.2 is coming out and I don't want the same thing to happen. How do I...
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    What's your opinion of the show supernatural?

    I was talking to someone about the show and they said that girls only like it because the lead actors are attractive(which I mean they are) and that the acting is pretty bad. But Ib my opinion their acting is actually really good and the shows made me really emotional a few times. So what do...
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    The EveryJoe Show: Mariah Carey’s Lip Sync Fail

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