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    i have installed sims 3 on my iphone and i want to change its language to English but it looks like russian....i could not understand where are options,where is exit and much more... just tell me on main menu in which line there is language option so that i can change it...THANKS
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    I have the Sims 3 Torrent downloaded i can play it fine can i play the

    expansions that i bought on it ? (I DOWNLOADED Sims 3) from a torrent :The expansion is a disc i bought Thanks for all the help guys
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    Sims 3 Torrent Question?

    I had originally bought the Sims 3 base game, but cannot find/gave away the disc for some reason. I am installing expansion packs from piratebay, but in order for them to work I have to extract the files in the crack folder to the Bin folder on the original disc. What can I do? It won't work on...
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    Need help swapping sims with an IPhone 4?

    OKk, so my phone now is a blackberyy curve 8520 with a pay monthly deal to it, and I want to buy an Iphone 4, can I just put my sim from my blackberry into it, or do I have to change my plan? Any help would be great:D
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    How to make sims go on vacation in sims 3?

    I couldn't find a way for them to go on a vacation.i Tryed clicking on the phone on travel services and nothing about it comes up.Help?
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    i downloaded the sims 3 torrent and that is installed. now i want to download

    other sims torrents [university? i have the sims 3 downloaded on a new external hardrive with 1tb and my pc is windows . the game plays perfectly fine off of my external . **and yes i would like to download those expansions onto my external too.** im using utorrent, power iso, and winrar . if...
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    Sims freeplay party boat?

    2 hours ago it let me connect to the party boat. Now i will click on it and it says "your log in has expired". I try reconnecting to Facebook and it still doesn't work. What do I do?
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    Sims freeplay money cheats time cheats android?

    Need a money cheat for sims freeplay on the galaxy s2 android.. Also wanted to know how to do the time cheat and if there are any life point cheats?
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    What are some games like sims for iPhone?

    I want a game like sims or virtual villagers/ virtual families that is free. Please tell me a game like this where you have a family to control and stuff. Also, please do not say virtual villagers or families because I already know that.
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    Can I get a sims free play game for my Samsung galaxy note 8.0 ?

    I just love sims, so just wanted to know if this game would be available for my note.... :) Thanks.
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    Sims 3 Fishing nodes?

    Hello all. I have been looking up info for the past few days trying to figure out where I can find Anchovies in the Twinbrook map. I know they are supposed to be in salt water and that you need to use tomatoes to get them. I have max fishing and max gardening so I've been using perfect and...
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    Is there a sims game for a handheld system where I can woo-hoo, get pregnant...

    ...and give birth? The question says it all.
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    How do you run to work on The Sims 3 Ambitions for the iPhone?

    I've been having problems figuring out how to run to work on Sims 3 Ambitions for the iPhone and it doesn't seem to make sense on how to do it. So can anyone help me within issue because I want to get my next job promotion. Thanks.
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    How to have a baby on the sims 3 for iPhone?

    I tried going on the phone after getting married and I tried whoo hooing lots of times but i don't get the option try for baby or adopt kid.
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    Where to get free blackberry apps with out sims card or wifi?

    Things like games and themes
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    Add Expansion packs to Sims 3?

    I downloaded Sims 3 as a torrent and I have torrents of the expansion packs I want to use. How do I install them so they work?
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    I want some games similar to sims 3 on Android?

    I game where we can have relationships & babies.We can watch them grow.
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    Sims 3: How can I play songs or music from my own PC in the Sims stereo?

    How can I play songs or music from my own PC in the Sims stereo instead of the songs or musics given by electronic arts? There supposed to be a folder or option for it. I can't find it. Can anyone tell? :)
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    Is there a way to download Sims 3 and ALL expansions using torrents?

    I download the Sims 3 and i want ALL the expansions. How do I do that? I know how to do one expansion pack added to Sims 3 but more than one has me confused because I do not know where to copy the crack I copy it the previous expansion game bin or do i copy it to the original game bin...
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    Sims Freeplay! I accidentally deleted the game off my iPad?

    I deleted it and now it's asking me for my Download Save Data but I won't let me log in to my Facebook on it and I payed almost 100 bucks getting points and stuff >:( how do I get my thing back ? Help