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    Has Clive Sinclair had the last laugh with his 1980s electric car?

    With the average SUV driver now unable to afford a tank of petrol, Clive Sinclair is sat in a country pub in Cambridgeshire, laughing at us all that we did not embrace his electric C5 car. No wonder the remaining examples are now worth a fortune on the collectors market...
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    where does the title of "The Jungle" by upton sinclair occur in the novel?

    Where does he write the name of the book in the story? Does he even mention it in the book?
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    Upton Sinclair The Jungle

    Name: Upton Sinclair The Jungle Category: Other: Audio Books Size: 454.65MB Added: 2009-09-03 16:46:19
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    Was larry Sinclair right about Obama?
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    Bob Sinclair. Love Generation music video review ?? please help ?

    basically i have to do a review on the music video Love Generation by Bob Sinclair for homework and i wanted other peoples views on the video and what they think the video means ?? any feelings the video gives you ? what do you think of the video ? whats the story-line in your opinion ...