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    Dream help sinking cruise ship ?

    I had a dream we were docked in a beautiful little bay stunning the dancing on the ship the drinking I saw and remember everything SO clearly! Then we set sail and the ship was rough getting into the water (don't ask me why we had to get back into the water I haven't a clue) as soon as we sailed...
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    Flames: Ryan Torain to bring the pain against sinking Eagles

    Each week the Noise highlights 12 somewhat obscure, unobvious names who he believes are destined to torch the competition. For those playing the Flames home edition, each player*must be started in*fewer than 60 percent of Yahoo! leagues to qualify. As an accountability advocate, results, whether...
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    S500i , Permenant red side lid after mobile sinking

    Dear all, Hope you help me through this, my S500i sony erricson mobile has drooped in side water, after good dry, Permenant red side lid occurs and mobile doesn't operate. Thanks
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    Sinking our teeth into the best bacon reviews

    [No message]
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    What are the chances of a cruise ship sinking, with a great life loss?

    don't worry I did put my titanic movie on the shelf away, but I was just wondering.... thanks :)
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    which episode of "worlds dumbest" has the clip of the snowmobile sinking...?

    which episode of "worlds dumbest" has the clip of the snowmobile sinking...? which episode of "worlds dumbest" on the tru tv network, has the clip of the snowmobile sinking through ice on a river?? any help greatly appreciated! thanks
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    ca 140 killed in Congo boat sinking

    Up to 140 people are feared dead after a boat carrying passengers and goods capsized on a river in the Democratic Republic of Congo, officials say.The accident happened on the Kasai river - a tributary of the Congo River - in the western province of Bandundu. Information Minister Lambert Mende...
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    With Obama sinking further and further in the polls, how long until civil

    unrest results? and by "civil unrest" I mean mass demonstrations leading to violent overthrow of his traitorous regime and by "civil unrest" I mean mass demonstrations leading to violent overthrow of his traiterous regime For...
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    You're in a boat in the ocean and the boat is sinking......?

    You MUST get rid of some of the weight. There is you, a child and a dog. One goes or the boat sinks. Who goes??? PETA and animal rights activists hate this question but the fact remains that HUMANS are more important!!!
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    What is the longest amount of time a ship has stayed afloat before sinking?

    and what's the least? ok people who are being smart here. i meant a ship that actually sank. what was the longest it stayed above the water until it was completely submerged in water? and what is the shortest. better? wow i didnt think that would have been an issue.....
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    Will my betta be harmed from eating/swallowing sinking shrimp pellets ?

    Hello Adam... I have a cory "Poopiehead" in with "Flash" that eats sinking shrimp pellets...Flash keeps trying to swallow/eat them...He carries it in his mouth & looks like he's trying to swallow it...Those things swell up & I'm afraid he'll choke !...What should I do ? Thank...
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    help, i just wrecked my car and i'm sinking?

    i'm on my laptop, what should i do
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    Take this sinking boat and point it home?

    We've still got time?
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    What would u do if ur boat starts sinking?

    I was in a boat club yesterday with my fiancee sailing in the middle of water when suddenly my boat starts sinking slowly, i called for help and they arrived at the right time.. But even after standing on the safe side i feel like sinking, as the boat sinks to the bottom infront of my eyes.