1. R

    Where can i get The Si?s 3 University Life Keygen?

    I saw some video on youtube talking about the The Si?s 3 University Life Keygen and I was wondering if there really is one and how to get the keygen. I also saw the keygen thing but I don't really trust downloading them incase of virus so if you can, please give me a code. Thanks!
  2. K

    If i have an iphone 4 without internet and my sis has an iphone 4 with internet

    can...? i get internet from them kinda like wifi? and what is hotspot?
  3. K

    Sis file not working in my nokia 5233?

    hi i m facing difficulty in insling the sis file in my symbian phone.though i was able to instal it before some months but now i m not able to install. plz help me
  4. A

    Does symphony FT45 support symbian (.sis) files?

    Hi,does symphony FT45 mobile phone supports symbian .sis files?
  5. S

    my sis in her end of 8 month of pregnancy have to travel by air from islamabad... karachi? wich is almost a 2 hr journy n she has complains of shortning of breath n low is it safe fo hr to travel by air?
  6. P

    Does Nokia n8 updates (symbian anna and belle) run sis files?

    I think im gonna get this phone and I don't know if .sis files still run on the new updates of the n8 (symbian anna and belle)... and...does the applications of the nokia 5800 or 5530 run on the n8? and sisx files? thanks!
  7. O

    Why I Cant Install Sis Or Jar Files On Nokia E75?

    why doesnt my nokia e75 install sis files when i try to install a app or theme and stuff it says preparing instalation and then it says install and when i say install nothing happens its like my phone didnt react to anything plaese need help!!!!!
  8. J

    Will I get a faster connection speed wtih the Xfinity Dox sis 3, or with the

    Surboard Motorola Gateway? modem dox sis 3&cp=1&lp=3 This is the Motorola link up above. Will the motorla be faster or the Dox sis 3 that Xfinity...
  9. O

    kiss x sis keita is one hell of a lucky bastard?

    OKAY so he has two fking hot step sisters and they love him pass the degree of sibling love. 1 is enough but 2!!! this guy is totally living the life >:)
  10. S

    how people write there name on Symbian (sis file) installation process?

    when u install a software on ur nokia ..,, u can see there name , email and other things during installation,, so how this happen.?
  11. T

    asking my sis about sex...?

    okay so me any my sis are like crazy close... and i have questions about sex, and getting birth control, and "chick issues"... lol. i am 15 and she is 17. and she can give me a knowlegable answers. she has come to me a few times and said if i ever have any questions or need to talk to her she...
  12. X

    Nokia 5230 not running (.sis) symbian software.?

    the software , mobiola webcam, was working fine, but i had to get my phone software installed again, and now the symbian file is not working saying " the software is not compatible with with your phone". how can i run the symbian file again?
  13. S

    Facebook sis application for nokia e71 ?

    hi i want the link for facebook sis application, when i tried to download am just getting the bookmark and its going to browser,( i dont want this ) , i previously used that application, i dont know where to grt now...plz help..
  14. B

    How to install Sis file in Sony ericsson Xperia?

    I have install a software in my computer and transfer it to my mobile, its sis file, how do i open it in mobile i cant seem to find it. help
  15. S

    How to open sis. file on Nokia 5233 xpressmusic?

    i need to set theme to my
  16. A

    Lil Sis Relationship Problems......?

    OK guys.. help me, help my sister! Backstory: Her boyfriend recently went away to college. This is causing a lot of issues between them because of the distance. Also because he's started to withdraw from her call/ text a lot less! They've been arguing a lot! So at 3:09 AM this morning she...
  17. T

    how to install sis file in sony ericsson vivaz ?

    i have download some sis files and i but them in the memory card but when i try to open them they wont work any one could help
  18. V

    which software help to support sis file for my nokia 6233 mobile?

    i hope that i use my mobile as a webcam using the mobailo software .but when insert the sis file it can't support it.
  19. P

    why don't symbian (.sis) files did not work in my nokia e63 ?

    why don't symbian (.sis) files did not work in my nokia e63 ?
  20. B

    how can i run .sis files on sony ericsson phone?

    i have sonyericsson w700i and it supports java not .sis tell me how to convert .sis files to .jar files