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    How do I set up my sound system?

    I currently have 2 1000w subs hooked up to a 1200w Boss amp 2 channel. I have each sub hooked up to a channel and i have all 4 of speakers hooked up to the amp aswell. I did the wiring based off what i read in the instructions, I was just making sure if there was a better way to set it up. thanks :D
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    WIndows 98/95 in Dosbox sound and hardware problem?

    I recently watched tutorials on how to install windows img file on dosbox. but there is problem. When i try opening some sound file it says me to install drivers from control panel, but when i try installing it, windows doesnt find the driver... is that because my img file is incomplete or...
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    which has best sound effect Sony bdvs4100 or lg bh7430?

    can any one tell me which has better sound picture and play most of the video format between the above two products ?
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    I am looking to buy a 1980's Fundimensions Sound Gizmo where can I find one?!?

    please help! I is something super special for my father, and I would love to give him one!
  5. L

    Need help with my lg lht764 5 disk changer surround sound home theatre system?

    I have an lht764 5 disk changer home theatre dvd player that my parents gave to me for my new apartment i didnt get any speakers but have the remote the manuel and the dvd player itself when i try to hook up my rca cables from the dvd player into the tv the movie plays but with no sound i had...
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    Are there more songs that sound like Kids by Sleigh Bells?

    I'm looking for more songs that sound like Kids by Sleigh Bells. I just like the party feel of the song. It's not too electronic and not too much like hip hop its the perfect song. If you haven't heard it there is the link I also tried looking into...
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    Yamaha Amplifier RX-V3200 when i set up my dvd player to the amp the sound works but

    no picture? I use component(red,blue,green) it use to work but now it dosnt so i got a new dvd player and new cords still dosnt work, on the remote i press dvd to switch the source and theres only sound no picture then i switch the source to V-Aux and the picture is there but no sound? and yes...
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    how does this website sound to you?
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    Blue ray dvd sound help?

    Okay so we have a blue ray and when we play just DVDs in it there's no sound. Pleas help?
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    Connecting xbox 360 with Samsung LED through HDMI and Sound System.?

    Greetings, I would like to tell you first that I am going to buy Samsung 32eh4000 LED Screen and will be playing X-Box 360 through HDMI cable. Also, I am planning to buy home theatre sound system and am willing to connect it with the screen. The only thing which is confusing me is that how do I...
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    HP "Pavillion" dv6638nr No Sound

    My laptop suddenly has no sound. I've gone to the HP Support site and downloaded every driver they offer for this model...same result: "Installation failed. No device found for this driver." Motherboard? Thank you.
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    Does anyone know where I can get some good baseball sound effects that...

    ...they use in stadiums? I'm looking for organ music, clips, glass shatters, and even the rude sounding "Sit down in your seat" bit used by several baseball teams. I do sound engineering for a local college but their selection is way too limited. Any help or leads appreciated. Thanks
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    How do I hook up speakers that give out enough sound to my sony DVD/CD player?

    The trouble I am having is not enough sound, I can barely hear the song.There is only one red and one white out audio port on the back of my DVD/CD player. One says L the other R. How do I hook up the speakers ..or maybe I need speakers that can be adjusted for sound.. or maybe an amplifier...
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    Think Uncertainty Is A Bad Thing? It's Actually A Mark Of Sound Science

    Scientists and research institutes are challenging the idea that uncertainty in research is a reason for people to worry about the reliability of findings. Researchers in climate science, disease modelling, epidemiology, weather forecasting and natural hazard prediction say that we should be...
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    Bluetooth speaker connected to laptop but no sound?

    I just got a Bluetooth speaker. It connects to my iPhone just fine and sounds great. However, I connected it to my laptop's Bluetooth and it's recognized and joined and all that. However, none of the sound from my laptop will play from it. How do I fix this? The speaker is a JBL Flip, and...
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    is any body using BIC America FH-6T,FH6-LCR,F12 in home theater? How does it sound?

    Do these speakers make up a good front stage for the home theater?
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    What is the best xbox 360 wireless bluetooth surround sound gaming headset?

    I want this headset to be under $300 please and one huge thing is I don't want the voice chat to pick up everything (for example:I'm watching tv and talking with my friends I don't want them to hear it or when I'm playing I don't want them to hear my fan or as its called sonic silencers and I...
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    How to get PC to play sound through home theater?

    When I hook my PC up to my TV via VGA cable, the picture works fine, but the sound wont go through my surround sound. How do i get the audio signal from my PC to my TV (or directly to Receiver)... Is there an audio version of VGA?
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    Why does the sound on my iTouch 5 give out little or no sound?

    When I record it happens, but when I watch videos or play music it's fine.
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    LG Electronics NB3530A Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth?

    I need to know the exact length of the sound bar itself out of the box. I'm working on preparing my setup and need to know if I'm going to have enough room. Thx!