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    How do I add extra spotlights in my lounge n power it off the switch?

    I've got power on the switch but the lights aren't turning on
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    Survey Spotlights Need To Secure Patient Information From Unauthorized Access As Chie

    Imprivata®, Inc., the company that simplifies and secures access to patient information, announced the results of its third annual online national survey that examines IT trends in healthcare.Â?The 2010 Healthcare IT Survey polled hospitals across North America for input on securing patient...
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    Politico Spotlights Abortion Issues In Midterm Campaigns

    Politico recently examined how California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's (R) abortion-rights opposition could affect her chances at election. The publication also highlighted a campaign by Catholics United to help vulnerable Democratic incumbents who supported health reform. Summaries appear...
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    Do the Lightforce handheld spotlights have HID lights in them?

    I want a Lightforce handheld spotlight for hunting foxes, I want a big spotlight like the 240mm Blitz, but does it have the HID (High Intesity Discharge) light in it?