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    Ryan Dunn Death joke to SteveO, Sheen roast..?

    This is more of a vent because im honestly pissed off.. anyone else see that BITCH crack a joke to SteveO about his dead bro Ryan Dunn (Rest in Peace)? I can't even believe it.. if anyone can joke its steveo and he looked like he was gonna tear up.. I just thought to myself how if I was steveo I...
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    Did Steve-o adopt a kid?

    I used to look at his blogs on myspace which led me to his site where I saw videos of him, you know all screwed up.. but one video he had said he adopted this kid and the kid was like seventeen I'd say and was holding hashbrownies. I was just wondering if it was a joke or what? Because I haven't...
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    Dancing With the Stars 8: Meet Steve-O

    [Photo:]Steve-O, whose birth name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover is a controversial and quirky performer. He’s got an unusual past, filled with ups and downs. He’ll be paired on season 8 of Dancing With the Stars with So You Think You Can Dance alum Lacey Schwimmer who is back for her...