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    Kevin Seraphin didn?t celebrate his birthday because the Wizards stink, Randy Wittman

    Breaking news! The Washington Wizards, owners of the NBA's worst record at 3-18, are really quite terrible. In addition to losing games in pretty much every conceivable fashion, the entire organization is drenched in bad vibes, from the still-hobbled John Wall to the players who came in trades...
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    Stink bomb in school's air vents?

    I'm going to unleash a particularly potent stink bomb in my school's air vents. If all goes according to plan, they will be forced to evacuate the building and school will be cancelled for the day...and no suspicion will fall on me. The substance is liquid, so it will be impossible to trace back...
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    Stink bugs in my Central heat and air vents. HELP!!!?

    There are stink bugs in my heating/air conditioning vents. Sometimes when my heat kicks on, it smells like a foot that has an armpit and in that armpit is a sweaty stink bug butt. It's horrible and I don't want to use pesticides. This is in my vents so I won't spray any chemicals in there for...
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    Jose Mourinho makes stink face, pinches Barca coach’s eye

    The constant, intense and hate-filled matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona have clearly driven Jose Mourinho over the edge. Already serving a UEFA ban for his sending off and UNICEF conspiracy tirade that following Real and Barca's Champions League encounter last season, it looks like he...
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    Why does my breath stink like dog sh*t?

    even though i brush my teeth in the morning and chew minty gum i still get omplaints from people about how bad my breath is!! i want to kill all of the bad breath cells and help? :) :) :)
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    Do most martial arts stink?

    I've trained in Kenpo Karate. I used to like it. It has many techniques. But, can they really be used in a fight. Usually the adrenaline goes up and the person is not able to use complex moves. Also there is a size issue. A larger man is always going to have more ability to pummel or grab a...
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    Just how much do I stink like cigarette smoke?

    Ok guys, Good afternoon. I am a 19 year old male, who 10 months ago quit smoking after 7 years. I quit cold turkey, never slipped once. I have lived with smokers all my life, so maybe it was why I didn't see why it had been a big deal in the first place. Anyways, I currently live with 2 smokers...
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    Why does my hermit crab tank stink?

    I set up a hermit crab habitat about a month and a half ago. It's a 20 gallon terrarium. I put white reptile sand as the majority of the substrate mixed with some coconut fiber (one of those expandable bricks.) I put in extra shells, a climbing stick with a platform at the top, a ceramic hollow...
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    Worst stink bomb? Help practical joke.?

    What's the worst stink bomb you smelled? I want some really smelly stink bombs for a practical joke. Any advice? My brother needs to have a prank done on him for some revenge. I want to set a stink bomb off in his room. lol
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    i started school and i stink at meeting people :(?

    so today i started my Sophomore year and i can't seem to really meet people unless they come to me, but i want to be the one meeting people. how can i do this in an environment that.... 1. where i don't know anyone at all. (guys, girls specially) 2.where i know some people but they sit too far...
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    just got my stink pot turtle?

    just got my turtle today.Do they get more color mine just has gray spots? and tanish gray skin.
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    why does my breath always stink?

    well it starts like when i go to school. i brush my teeth before and after school i use crest pro health toothpaste. like 3 hours into the day my breath starts to stink.when i go and get a drink from the drinking fountain it doesnt do anything
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    People complained at the gym that I stink?

    The owner told me today that people were saying that I stink when I workout. I tend to sweat more than a normal person. The owner told me I should take a bath before and after my workout. I told him what's the point when I'm just gonna get sweaty and stinky during my routine. What would you do...
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    Is all the Lincoln coverage to distract people from the $800 B dollar stink...

    ...bomb being negotiated by Congress? It's like the news networks think talking about Lincoln is more important than keeping tabs on what Congress is doing.
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    RUMORS STINK btw im 13!!!!?

    Hey guys i have a question i have blonde hair and i am sick of people calling me a blonde.....and i am not stupid either.....people also call me a toothpick because im skinny im not that skinny though.....and i hate all the rumors about me.............what should i do
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    Why? does people like hot weather. sweating makes you stink. ?

    i would rather be in a refrigerator any day than a hot boiling oven, no grammar checks needed, im already a published author