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    Any cool Warped tour stories?

    Any cool stories from warped tour? or really any concert, 10pts to most badass.
  2. M

    Travel stories - tell me them! Would like ideas?

    I love travel and just want to hear your best stories! Inspire me to go somewhere!
  3. G

    Stories Help Patients Make Health Decisions

    Stories often appear in health communication in order to encourage individuals to change behaviors, such as smoking or not wearing sunscreen. A University of Missouri researcher studied how stories influence patients’ decision-making when behavior change is not the desired outcome of the health...
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    Why was Ares important to the greeks and what are some myths and stories...

    ...that have to do with him? need help
  5. V

    What website is this? It has stories and quizzes.. stuff like that?

    I suddenly remembered that there was a website I was on Years ago, that had stories and quizzes. The website, or at least a part of it, was pink. For some reason, I thought it was myyearbook, but apparently not. I remember that most of the stories I read were, I believe "you" stories. And...
  6. C

    Teen Romance Stories?

    Any books you have read for young adults with romance?
  7. S

    How do i tell my coworker that i don't want to listen to stories regarding...

    ...his vacations, children etc? My coworker is an over-sharer and he just goes on and on about his vacations ,children etc. Is there a polite or diplomatic way of telling him that i am not interested in his stories? and would it be appropriate to tell him that i am not interested in his stories?
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    What are some stories about the following: Athena, Dionysus, Artemis, Apollo,

    Ares, and Eris? What are some stories about the following: Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Dionysus, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, and Eris besides Judgement Of Paris? Also what are some of the greatest, unique and funny stories of punishment done by greek gods and goddesses?
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    What are some really scary stories? I love ghost stories but cant find

    one...!! Thanks for all your help !!!!!? I absolutely love ghost stories but cant find some.Please help me find some good TRUE REALLY SCARY STORIES.Thanks for all you help..!! <3 <3 :-) :-) !!!!
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    Jessica Bangkok Pictures – Fired from Real Life Stories

    [No message]
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    Why won't Quotev (formerly known as Quizazz) let me post stories, an about

    me or journals? So, I have tried just about everything. I have reset my internet, I have contacted the Quotev staff numerous times (and gotten no reply), and I have made new accounts. I don't know why it's doing this. One day, it was working, the next day - POOF! It stopped letting me post...
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    Police officers? Any funny stories?

    Dear police officers, Do you have any wild or crazy or funny stories you wouldn't mind sharing? I enjoy hearing these because they usually are pretty funny
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    Touching stickman animation ideas? (Meaningful stories)?

    Anyone has an idea for a stickman (Pivot) animation, that could be quite touching? I will include words, so a script is possible. If not, then any other meaningful ideas? Thank you!
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    How do I download stories from wattpad to my cellphone?

    Can you guys tell me how to download stories from Wattpad?
  15. K

    How to delete unwanted chapters and stories on Quizilla?

    It's my first time using Quizilla and I posted a story after that a new chapter, but everything went crazy. I tried to click the DELETE on Stuff I Made, but it didn't work. I tried so many times, please help
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    FictionPress | Let the words flow – Lovely iOS App to Read stories

    FictionPress has nice features to view stories in different display formats, sharing your stories with other friends and much more. User favorites and commenting on your favorite stories are other interesting features to look out for. iTunes Link...
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    What are some fun and funny stories that have happened in your life?

    My siblings and cousins put mattresses on the ground and jumped off the top bunk at my nans house. It was so much fun, but my brother missed the mattress one time and instead landed on the floor. That floor was as hard as concrete.
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    I need an idea for a character in one of my stories ...?

    One of the characters in my stories is an eighteen -- year -- old girl whose name is Patricia Pattner . She's a very beautiful and sweet girl who mostly wears T -- shirts, blue jeans, and sandals . Her nickname is "Frog" . My # 1 explanation is that...
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    Funny teacher stories?

    In fifth grade, my homeroom teacher was stapling some stuff on the wall, and he was standing on this plastic chair. Never stand on a plastic hair. It cracked, and he ended up falling backwards with his feet in the air. e.o Yesterday, our science teacher said that he hoped that he would still...
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    Essay topic help.. interesting life stories?

    For english, we have to write a four page personal narrative about an interesting life story. It has to be 4 pages and have a good chain of events leading up to what ever the big event is. My life is extremely boring and nothing interesting has ever happened to me so I would love some help. If...