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    Strep throat - please help?

    About 5-7 days ago, I started having slight fevers and throat started getting sore. About 4 days ago, it started getting very bad. I went to the doctor and he said I have a strep and fever so he prescribed me z-pack (Azithromicyn) 500 MG. I took that for 3 days (1 pill each day) and now my...
  2. K

    Strep Throat or Something Else?

    I have no idea if i have strep throat or just a cold. I feel as if my throat is super swollen and i have body aches. 2 days ago i had a bunch of headaches and i was extremely tiered. I also couldn't eat anything without upsetting my stomach. I feel way better now all except for my throat. it...
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    In lots of pain from strep throat, cant go to doctor, PLEASE HELP!!?

    I have no insurance, and our so called "free hospitals" charged me $700 last time i went in. I have been fighting a fever, sore swollen throat and neck pain for two days now, and tonight i noticed pus on my throat so its definitely strep throat. I am going on a cruise in 4 days. I cannot...
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    Does smoking take strep longer to heal?

    Well obviously im a smoker (cigarettes only lol) and i currently have strep throat and i dont feel like eating because nothing tastes good, but i feel like i can smoke a pack in an hour .. thats how big the craving is. Is it going to take longer for the strep to heal because i smoke?
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    What's wrong - Strep Throat ? Sick?

    4 Years old, female, 110lbs. and 5"something 1st day i was feeling sick I was just extremely tired and had not energy 2nd day I was getting really dizzy and started to have a kind of a "drunk state" feeling like I couldn't walk. I got up to splash me face with cold water because I felt overly...
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    Is it strep throat or allergies?

    I have had a sore throat for the past few days, on and off. I don't have a fever, and don't feel sick or more tired than usual at all. My dad checked my throat, and he said it looked normal. I DO have dust mite allergies, and I am sleeping in a not-so-clean room, so I am thinking maybe...
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    Is it likely that my mom will get strep throat from me after accidentally...

    ...eating from my cup of yogurt? I have strep throat and have been on an antibiotic for 3 days. Is that long enough for it not to be contagious?
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    AHH! strep throat/vacation.!heeelp!?

    Okay so on Wednesday I went to the doctors and they told me i had strep throat, and i was running a really high fever all day that day from the morning( school starts at around seven an I wake up at 6:00 am). I am going somewhere w/my friends for spring break and Im wondering if ill feel better...
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    Do I have strep throat?

    i have a sore throat a fever and i cough alot plus im losing my voice. i do not have white spots in the back of my throat
  10. Q

    What are the symptoms of strep throat?

    I have strep throat and started running fever yesterday, and I noticed today that my ears hurt. Mostly when I'm laying on my side. When will this go away? Also my head hurts.
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    White in throat after strep?

    Hi, I had strep throat twice over the last month and I went back to the doctors again and the swab test was negative. I recently looked in my mouth with a flash light and behind my tongue in the back of my throat there's a little white circle. What is this thing?
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    had a swab for b strep, would this pick up cervical cancer?

    Go to your gp and request a smear test. I had my first one at 17 because of my family history. Im sure you can request it. x
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    How long is Strep Throat Infectious for?

    Hey, so I started getting strep on tuesday. I got diagnosed yesterday and began taking anti-biotics and painkillers as prescribed. My friends birthday is tonight and while feeling much better my thraot is a bit scratchy still, but they want me to go to the party. Im more worried about making...
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    Not feeling well, is it strep?

    Hey! I have a terriable cold! I am sneezing, and my nose is soo clogged! My throat hurts as well. I have a little pus pocket in the back of my mouth kinda between my tounge and tonsils. My tonsils look good and my throat is just a little red. Could that one pus pocket be strep throat or could...
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    My wife is 12 weeks pregnant and has developed strep throat. how many mg's of

    cephalexin can she take? I am just not sure if she can take the full 500 mg tablets that she has left over from when she was last sick.
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    I have strep throat, & it hurts BAD, what can I do to make it better?

    I wake up everynight (since monday) & try to swallow, & can't hardly. I went to the doc. & my parents basically call them everyday. They said if it doesn't get better by next monday then I have to take a buncha texts & it may be mono on top of strep. ( & I am NERVOUS about the tests). What are...
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    Is it possible to have strep throat without a sore throat?

    My daughter and I both came down with an illness at the same time. I initially thought that it was the flu because we had been exposed to the flu. We both had high fevers, mine around 104, and hers a little lower. She had a severe sore throat, however, while I had severe kidney and intestinal...
  18. K

    how to stop strep throat?

    i have ten minutes to stop my strep throat help!!!!!!
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    How can i tell the difference between strep throat and the flu?

    My throats swollen up almost closed, it kills me to swallow, which usually happens when i get sick, but i dont have any other flu or cold symptoms yes, just flem like stuff forming in my mouth. I kissed a girl who says she had strep throat like 4 months ago and took antibiotics for it but says...
  20. D

    I have Strep Throat and excessive mucus what do i do?

    I have had strep throat for like the past week and it still hasn't gone away. i have tried the only two things i knew that would help get rid of it i have tried gargling apple cider vinegar and salt water and nothing has helped. just recently i have produced a huge amount of mucus in my throat...