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    Atheists, scenario: Your manager has sealed off a substantial portion of...

    ...your recreation room for use....? as a multi-faith prayer room, in line with democratic values. What say you?
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    In lawyer terms, what would be considered a substantial amount of money?

    Say your lawyer says you're receiving a "substantial amount" of money from a settlement. He says he would feel more comfortable telling you the exact amount in person and arranges a meeting to discuss it. I know that a "substantial amount" of money is relative, for some it could be $1,000 for...
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    New Biodegradable Compound Facilitates Bone Regeneration In Cases Of Substantial Loss

    Bones have a capacity to regenerate themselves after suffering partial damage. However, it is really quite another thing when a serious break or tumour lesion occurs and the loss of tissue is substantial. Today these cases are treated with various kinds of grafts, but they have a number of...
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    Are there any Bluetooth headsets available that are more substantial?

    I've hated and stopped using every headset I've tried using so far. Mainly, I don't like feeling it dangling off my ear. It is somehow uncomfortable or annoying. Do they make any headsets that are actually a "headset?" In other words, one that it held on like a traditional pair of headphones, by...