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    Deleted Messages still taking up space on iPhone

    Deleted all messages but they are still taking up space on iPhone? Why do deleted messages still take up storage space on iPhone? When you delete messages from the iPhone, they don't actually get deleted. Instead, they're marked for deletion by the operating system and hidden so that they appear...
  2. E

    My bold blackberry 9700 camera is not taking pictures only a black sreen, what

    could be the problem? It is only displaying a black screen
  3. I

    On Bittorrent why are my video downloads taking so long?

    I downloaded Bittorrent and started torrenting a couple days ago. It was fast when I first started it. Downloaded SPN season 3 in roughly 3 hours and it was 5.4 GB. I downloaded some other files relatively quickly and a couple days later I'm trying to download season 4 which is 7.5 GB. But it's...
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    i accidentally hit my neighbors car and i say her taking pictures!?

    last night i was pulling out of my driveway and accidentally hit my neighbors car. I didnt back straight into it but i looked and say i left a small crack near the read left tire. the next day i look out my window and see she has returned and parked her car in the same position as it was the...
  5. D

    Boyfriend is taking me on a cruise but...?

    So my bf and I have been together for 2.5 years and we are going to get married sometime next fall/winter. Well my bf just got back from a cruise with his parents and best friend. And he got me the cutest summer dress! And after i took the dress out of the box, there was a folded piece of paper...
  6. R

    Anyone have neon green pee and green stool from taking GNC mega men

    multivitamin? Is it normal to have that? GNC mega men multivitamin
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    Hello US citizens! Need help with my thesis: Could you help me by taking this survey?

    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jq_OtyN2PGz0CbXvWwK_bvmPpovqzJhe5fXrNh3M37Q/viewform It's about light beer and low cal wines! :) Thank you!
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    I live in sacramento CA and some random guy in traffic started taking

    pictures of me and my car? I was getting off the free way when this guy decided to switch lanes without a signal in order to give him a warning I was coming I honked and went around him. Well appear he got upset and started snapping pictures of me and my car. I literally had his camera near my...
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    Why would a random person be taking pictures of my car number plate ?

    My neighbour saw them taking photos .I have not been involved in any incidents or accidents .What are they up to ? Not normal ! Thanks x. bog standard plate , elderly car & haven't "dinged" anyone !
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    Battlefield 3 taking forever to download on ps3?

    I just got battlefield 3 for my dad, so he can play it on his ps3 and it's the first time trying to play it and it says downloading update data forever. It says do not turn off the system, but its been doing this for like 12 hours and is only at 30% I'm afraid if I turn it off it will just start...
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    Why is everyone so jealous that Obama n wife is taking a vacation to ireland?

    Maybe those angry jealous people should have to clean up the mess of what a macaque monkey made, for 8 years, and be given no vacation or rest at all for 8 years. Lets see how well they would fair. What do u think is the reason they are so jealous that the airforce is giving the president's...
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    I have labrynthitis. Should I be taking students to DC in two days and flying? 7...

    ...day trip! help!? I am taking anti nausea pills and trying to rest before, but being a teacher, it is hard as tomorrow is the last day of school. I am having horrible anxiety over the whole thing too. I am fearful that I'll be sick the whole trip. I don't know what to do. Can this get worse...
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    Ellen Pompeo Really Excels at Taking Selfies

    It looks like there's a new selfie pro in town. Actress Ellen Pompeo proved over the weekend that she's not too shy to do a little solo photo shoot from time to time, thereby...
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    When taking pictures or watching youtube on my HTC sense I just get a white screen?

    I don't know what's happening but when I try to watch videos on my phone I get the sound but the video is just white. Also I've just found that the screen when taking pictures is also white? I don't know what has caused this but it's really annoying. I checked for software updates but there...
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    Taking probiotics has benefits for patients in hospitals

    Patients in hospital who are on antibiotics may benefit from taking probiotics, according to researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital. Dr. Reena Pattani led a literature review that looked at the effectiveness of probiotics, live bacteria that can take up residence in digestive tracts, in...
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    Miami tightens the screws in Game 5, taking over in the second half and grabbing a 3-

    Confidence is a weird, double-edged thing. You mustn?t do too much of it, as hubris can lead to a fall, but during the stretch run of Thursday?s Game 5 against the Miami Heat, Indiana didn?t have nearly enough of it. The Pacers entered the switch in sides up four after a concise...
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    Lionel Messi?s son didn?t really enjoy taking part in Barcelona?s trophy presentation

    Barcelona were presented with the Primera Division title for the 22nd time in the club's history after their 2-1 win against Real Valladolid on Sunday. After the match, the players brought their families onto the pitch to join in the celebration, but one person who did not seem to enjoy it was...
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    Remee Lee Tricked Into Taking Abortion Pills by Ex-Boyfriend

    [No message]
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    Problem taking pictures with my sony ericsson xperia x8?

    Hey! I have a sony ericsson xperia x8 and I've been using it for almost 2 years now. Recently I've been facing a problem while taking pictures. It says 'memory full' and then no pictures can be taken. I have a 8gb memory card and also almost 70mb internal storage. I tried restarting it, took...
  20. K

    Taking the iphone international?

    So I've been wanting to get an iphone for a while now, but I'm planning on moving to France at the end of the summer. I can't sign up for a contract here because I would have to pay for the next 2 years for a plan that would be extremely expensive overseas. Is there any way that I can get a...