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    how does Obama plan to tax solar and wind energy?

    you know they can't help themselves from sticking their grubby little hands in our pockets so how will they get revenue for gay animal awareness week from the sun
  2. U

    Do I have to declare interest from tax free cash ISAs on my UK tax return?

    and do I have to take this interest into account when working out whether or not I am within my personal allowance? In the UK. Thanks
  3. G

    How Apple Just Avoided Paying $9.2 Billion in Tax

    When you're a company as big as Apple, saving on tax bills is important—especially when they're in the billions. Fortunately its team of accountants has just managed to save it a cool $9.2 billion. Read more...
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    What is luxury tax for Verizon Wireless phones?

    I'm eligible for an upgrade for Verizon Wireless. I upgraded to an iPhone 4 (Free with 2 year contract). Yet, they hammered me with a 30$ upgrading fee and another 50$ "luxury tax fee". Is this sales tax based off the full retail price of the iPhone 4? This is BS! Help!
  5. V

    how much is the tax on tobacco for entering canada?

    basically i am going to buy some shisha tobacco from a US website and looking to see how much tax i will be paying for it thanks
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    Senators Are Trying to Rush Through a Massive Online Sales Tax Hike

    A band of pro-tax Senators are attempting to rush through policy that would see online sales tax being paid even in states that don't have sales tax. More »
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    Should we tax online pronography?

    Since the internet is flooded with free pron and people look at it all the time, and if we're taxing cigarettes and alcohol, we could tax online pronography and increase revenues for the government to provide more assistance to those unable to work.
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    Are Liberals ready to finally admit that Obama tax hikes do not help the economy?

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    i live on a boat and have a none residential moring sould i be paying cauncil tax?

    my morings are at goole and iv been paying council tax for 10 years ,but iv been told becouse its a non residentol moring i dont have to pay cauncil tax ,is that true.
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    What is the difference between the tax hikes and the payroll tax cut expiration?

    Does everyone have to pay more through the tax hikes, and who all is affected by the payroll tax cut expiration? Thanks!
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    when I earned $1,000,000.00 for taking surveys online is that money tax free?

    I just want to know when I earn $1mill taking surveys online am I obligated to pay tax with my survey earned cash. no i really did mean $1mill if I meant $10.00 then I would of wrote $10.00. Don't you think?
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    i'm under processing for a green card. how does my husband file the tax get the

    tax returns? what docs. that he needs???
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    2013 Tax Refund still not received, is anybody else in the same boat?

    I filed and was accepted on Feb 2, 2013. For the past 3 weeks I had the generic "Your return is still processing. Please allow 21 days for your return to be completed," and today, my 21st day it's changed to, "Your return is still processing. A deposit date will be provided when available" Does...
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    tax, tag, and title fees for car?

    So I have never had a car before and have saved up $2450 while working part-time in college to save up for a car. I found a car at a honda dealership in town for $1995. Does this include taxes, tag, and title? Also, will there be other hidden fees I wont find out about until I buy the car...
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    Now that the Chinese got our manufacturing jobs shouldn't they pay US income tax...

    ...and social security? NOOOO ! We took those jobs to china so we didn't have to pay any taxes or add anything to society "you stupid liberal"
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    Why do conservatives want to decrease our Debt, but vehemently oppose tax increases?

    Fun Fact: You CAN NOT get rid of a debt by cutting spending alone. Unless you enjoy having no one fix roads, no public utilities, no schools at all, and no police officers, you have to raise taxes if you want a balanced economy. This something I never understood.
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    Since most Obama supporters are toothless, let's tax those with teeth to

    pay for Obamacare? Since most Obama supporters are toothless and low information voters, do you think Obama should tax those with teeth to pay for his Obamacare? How does a tooth tax sound?
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    Why are so many people complaining about the new payroll tax?

    I thought Americans like to be taxed more?
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    Maradona wants massive Italian tax bill excused so he can be Napoli?s manager

    Maradona owes the Italian authorities roughly €40 million for unpaid taxes (with interest that reportedly adds €3,000 a day) stemming from his time playing for Napoli over 20 years ago. This has made travel in Italy difficult for him as the taxman has been waiting on his few visits back to the...
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    Why is Obama demanding middle class tax hikes?

    The House has passed a bill that will preserve the current tax rates for the middle class. He has said that he will not sign the bill. He must want to see middle class rates rise.