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    miami things to do on a rainy day

    Friends, Suggest me what are top things to do on a rainy day in Miami? I am going to be shifted there for three months and looking for your some suggestions what to enjoy on a rainy day because rain inspire me a lot. But Miami is a new place for me. I am going there after finishing my mega web...
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    Things to Look for in a “Wifey”

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    10 Things Totally Wrong With Your Post-Baby Body And How You Can Fix Them

    Did you recently just give birth or have a baby within the last 10 or 20 years? If so, this article is for you! Because I am here to teach you all about everything that is wrong with your POST-BABY BODY and teach you post baby body tips on how you can remedy these things in order to feel good...
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    What are some things to look for in a laptop???

    Im looking for my first laptop for college but I dont have a clue what I should look for.can anyone help me? What I will primarily be using the computer for is surfing the web writing papers and research. Any suggestions? Price should be under 1000 if possible
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    Things to do with my followers on tumblr?

    not like a promo game. something like anon hour, send me a name for opinion, sexual hour etc. because i've done most of those already, i want to try something new :)
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    If you didn't agree with the Zimmerman verdict what are some things you can do about

    ? other than moan and groan about it
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    6 Things That Are The Same Length As The Average Penis

    Brought to you by our friends at Gurl. You know we love scientific studies over here, especially the super official ones that claim things like “Oral sex is pointless.” It’s time for another study, and this one is a little more fun. More » 6 Things That Are The Same Length As The Average Penis...
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    22 Things You Should Definitely Say To A Skinny Woman

    Emma Gray*at the Huffington Post compiled an excellent list of*22 Thing You Should Never Say To A Skinny Woman*urging everyone to stop rudely telling people to “eat a hamburger” and that “real women have curves.” But if we can’t tell … More » 22 Things You Should Definitely Say To A Skinny...
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    Hi to all, I've recently met a lady and she's said some things that's got my...

    ...alarm bells ringing? 1. In the park she says? What would you do if I had another man? My reply I'd get rid of you? I then say, why have you twice but her reply wasn't that forthcoming. 2. She asks in a coffee shop? What do I feel about cheating? My reply no thanks not my thing? Her reply...
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    POLL: What are some fun things to do at 4:03 in the morning?

    I can't sleep.
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    What apps does Android have to edit things out?

    Okay I have a android and I would like to remove some eyeliner on my photo.. Is there a app like that? And is there a app that can combine pictures. Like if a baby moved on one but good at another can you take that face and put it on the one you want? Thanks: ) Android.
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    What are good things to do at the gym?

    I've never really had any steady activity that was strictly exercise. I was in my high school colorguard all four years of high school, which sounds stupid, but was actually a lot of hard work and physical exercise with dancing and arm strength and we did a lot of cardio. However, since season...
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    How do you save things to the sd on a telus pink pearl blackberry?

    things like your memo pad and pictures and or if its posible to send them anywhere, have important things in there wondering if i can send it somewhere else to retrieve cuz my screen is broken and cant see almost anything
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    A Weather App That Suggests The Best Times To Do Things

    If there are weather apps, calendar apps and to do list apps, there should be an app that spits out an optimal schedule for you to follow. What's the point of jogging in the rain and then doing laundry when the sun comes out? Or maybe you like to run in the rain because it cools you off. Or...
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    10 (Strangely?) Controversial Things I Believe About Sex, Drugs & Health

    In the course of my past two years covering health and wellness issues for Blisstree, I've often been surprised by what draws vitriol and what doesn't. Time and again—be it with my own or my co-writers' posts—the ones I fear may stir anger never do; and those I'd never have suspected provoke...
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    Why is my blueray player doing creepy things?

    Okay, it just randomly turned off and it keeps flashing the words "SEE YOU" over and over again, it refuses to turn back on. Why is it doing this?
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    James McAvoy Does Many Disgusting Things in Filthy Trailer

    James McAvoy's latest film is aptly named. In the international trailer*for Filth, based on the novel by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, the usually adorable Scottish actor...
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    Pinterest Changes Rules, Things to Get Interesting

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    After a car crash, how do I get my things from the trunk?

    Long story short, I was at a party, left heaps of clothing/sporting gear in my friends car. They then went out joy riding early hours of the morning when I was asleep. I was not in the car. Nor knew they went until the morning. They ended up crashing and writing the car off. My car keys and...
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    List: Ten Things We Like About The BMW X1

    (Click on the "Previous" and "Next" buttons above the images to see the full list.) The BMW X1 is the smallest and least expensive X series car, though some specifics may better communicate the idea of the X1. The car is 176.5 inches long, which makes it six inches shorter than a 3-Series...