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    The Shutdown Corner Interview: Charles Tillman

    With so many weird and outright horrible stories regarding the NFL this offseason, it's good to talk to those NFL players who just make you feel better about the game. Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman is most definitely one of those people. Not only did Tillman have perhaps the best...
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    Aaron Simpson wears No. 42 on shorts to honor Pat Tillman (PHOTO)

    As Cagewriter wrote previously, Aaron Simpson wore a 42 on his shorts to honor former NFL player and fallen Army Ranger Pat Tillman during Simpson's UFC on Fuel 4 decision win over Kenny Robertson. Learn more about the Pat Tillman Foundation here.
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    Aaron Simpson will honor Pat Tillman at UFC on Fuel 4

    Aaron Simpson went to Arizona State with NFL player and Army Ranger Pat Tillman. Simpson became friends with Pat's brother Kevin, and Pat and Kevin would come to wrestling meets to support Simpson and the other Sun Devil wrestlers. "I can remember exactly where I was when I found out Pat was...
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    Anyone want to say a prayer for Pat Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinals...

    ...line backer KIA in Iraq? His presence would really tighten the betting lines in the upcoming Superbowl.
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    English Bulldog.Thinking about getting one after seeing Tillman on new TV Show.?

    All my life, there has always been a dog to love. From raising dogs to their oldest age, and the in between times without their companionship. We just lost the last female pitbull in April, this year. She was 12 years old and had hip displasia for many years until she lost the feeling in her...