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    • did i eat healthy ?? today/?

    breakfast: 2 whole grain toasts with honey and homemade lemonade(little sugar) snack: 2 small banans chopped in pieces lunch; rice and chicken and homemade mango juice snack: a litte of ice cream dinner: salad, a banana, and then.. i ate lots of cake.. i was hungry~ooppsss!! but i am very...
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    Did i eat HEALTHY enough today!???????????????????/?

    Have I ate healthy today? How have I ate so far today? Breakfast a Green smoothie with strawberrys, red grapes, banana, baby spinach 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed and water blended. Snack : 1 boiled egg Lunch: Half a Wholemeal tortilla wrap with Tuna, Onion tomato and half a avacado, lemon and...