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    Watch a Young Louis CK Talk About His Amazing Toilet Photography

    Things were different in the 90s. MTV had music, for instance, and Louis CK had just slightly more hair. A clip featuring both of those things surfaced just recently, and provides a rare look into the past as the young Louis CK tears into—among other things—shitty avant garde photography. Read...
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    Hold The Rocks: Restaurant Ice Is Dirtier Than Its Toilet Water

    I'm beginning to suspect the toilet and its water are actually some of the cleanest substances in modern society. It seems every few weeks, a new study comes out detailing how*your purse, your can opener*and all sorts of other seemingly harmless things are actually way more*germier*than the...
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    I always read the morning paper there so wondered if y'all did tooo ;)
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    I Dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet!?

    I am freaking out. I followed all online details of sticking my phone in rice, and to take out the sim card... I can't take out the sim card! I press down firmly, but the tray doesn't pop out! What's wrong?? I'm really worried that if I don't do something soon, everything on my phone will be gone!
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    Garden used as a feline toilet

    My Neighbour has 13 cats that use my garden as there litter tray. After trying all the humane ways (i.e cayene pepper,mint, aloe vera etc) and speaking to my neighbour, who's attitude is there cats that's what they do! (Inconsiderate b1tch) i am at my wits end. It absolutly reeks when my...
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    Accidentally dropped Motorola Razr V in toilet?

    Hi there. I accidentally dropped my Motorola Razr V in the toilet this afternoon. It is working perfectly fine however I'm not sure what the ideal drying process is considering the phone has an internal battery and therefore cannot be taken apart. I have searched Google to no avail. Does anyone...
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    Recall recap: Flushmate toilet systems, Dole bagged salads, and Chevy Cruze

    [No message]
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    Flushing pet fish down the toilet ?

    Apparently my girlfriend had put one of our coy fish that had died in her toilet and to conserve water or something decided to drop her daily #2 in the toilet with the fish and now she came to me asking if its safe to flush? ???
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    Basement toilet won't flush correctly it's not clogged but there's no venting?

    Hi, I have an older house, 1961, there's a toilet, sink and a deep sink all connected to the same drain line. All 3 are located in the basement. All drains and waste lines are in the concrete floor so there's no access to them other than a jack hammer and that's not an option. The toilet...
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    Toilet Yoga Looks Like A Joke; Is Seriously Pretty Cool

    Let's be honest: Toilet Yoga looks like a joke. It's definitely weirder than keeping a stack of magazines in the bathroom, and might even strike you as gross. But, in its defense: It's actually pretty cool. Not only is the goal to aid digestion, which many Americans actually do need help with...
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    Cn someone let the folk on the Sunshine Coast to cease using the toilet to wash

    face? Marginal health hazard!? You Tools! Stay the **** over there :: over there on your little pseudo island of magnificent coolness! (The Norweigian brothers are all gay; espescially, espescially the one with the Red Hair (what else right)). Get FQED you rotten hicks and tell Michelle she...
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    How far can a toilet be from the venting stack in ontario?

    Just room planning, not sure of a couple things
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    Anime where a girl is in a school race and gets dragged into a toilet and has... taken of her? There is this anime that I cannot for the life of me think what the name of it is. All I can really remember is that there was a massive fan club of girls with ranking girls for this one particular guy in school and the top girl set up for some guys to drag the main girl...
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    Found small worms in toilet bowl after vacation?

    I went away for 3 weeks and came back to find a few small nail sized worms in my toilet ( Do I have intestinal worms (I have no symptoms) or are they from the plumbing?
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    How come every time I eat at taco bell, 2 hours later my toilet is a war zone?

    How do I prevent this, I love tacos but I hate the explosive diarrhea. When I say explosive I mean it literally.
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    Who , When and Where was Invented The First Ever Toilet?

    Who , When and Where is the Toilet first made or invented? Who Were the first ever manufacturer of high quality Toilets at those times? I'm just curious this question has been playing on my mind for about a month. But I can't find really that much information based on my Research.
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    Why flying on toilet when grabbing ankles?

    Sitting on toilet and grab both ankles pull to hips and fly on toilet. Why?
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    What are some examples of toilet humour/puns?

    eg. "You *crack* me up!" eg. "Don't pee long!"
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    toilet training a puppy pls help!!!?

    Please help me i have an 8 week old puppy and she continues to go to the toilet inside even tho shes been outside. Needless to say its quite frustrating. Please help me as i dont know what to do to toilet train her!!
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    toilet training a puppy pls help!!!?

    Please help me i have an 8 week old puppy and she continues to go to the toilet inside even tho shes been outside. Needless to say its quite frustrating. Please help me as i dont know what to do to toilet train her!!