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    TomTom re-designs its GPS Sport Watch

    New ultra-slim watches deliver at-a-glance performance information to make it easier for runners, cyclists and swimmers to achieve their goals
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    TomTom Rider is a portable navigation device for bike aficionados

    Customised device gives bikers the freedom to choose the way they want to ride
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    TomTom launches Location Based Services platform for rapid application development

    TomTom LBS provides developers with the content and tools to rapidly create location-enabled applications for a variety of commercial and consumer markets.
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    TomTom previews navigation application for Android

    TomTom's on-board maps, IQ Routes and HD Traffic will give Android users the freshest map, the fastest routes and the most accurate arrival times. The application is set for release in October 2012.
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    How do i find local stores on my tomtom xl?

    When I search for Walmart in the POI search category for example it will bring up a list of them including my local walmart but when I type in Big 5 which there is one across the street from the local walmart that tomtom brings up near me it says "no poi found". How do I search for store address...
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    TomTom's GO 2405 and 2505 Satnavs Have New a UI For Less Touching [Satnavs]

    An improved user interface for the GO 2405 and 2505 means drivers will spend less time pressing the screen, and more time with their hands on the driving wheel. Saying that, however, it now supports the familiar pinch-to-zoom interaction. More »
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    Can the audio output of the tomtom iphone car kit be plugged into an FM transmitter?

    The iphone tomtom car kit has an audio output to play music out the car speaker but my car doesnt have a jack audio input so need to know if it can go into an FM transmitter?
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    TomTom bring its live traffic information service to New Zealand

    Available on the new TomTom GO LIVE GPS range and delivers dynamic navigation and route guidance that continuously adapts to changing road conditions.
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    My tomtom isn't working?

    So, when I turn on on my tomtom its flashing a red and white x and wont let me get to anything else my tomtom is charged, so i know it isnt the battery Can you please tell me whats wrong? Thanks!
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    Bluetooth headset for TomTom Urban Rider?

    I'm going to buy a TomTom Urban Rider SatNav for use on my motorbike and I need a bluetooth headset to use with it in order to hear the instructions. I don't want to spend a lot of money so if you could give any cheap suggestions that are compatible with the device then that would be great...
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    Can you avoid motorways on the tomtom iPhone app?

    I am riding a motorcycle on a provisional license so cannot use motorways. I am wondering if I can avoid motorways when planning route. Thanks
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    New TomTom XL 250: Big screen, smart features

    TomTom XL 250 comes with an extra-large 4.3" wide screen and an easier to use menu. TomTom's array of navigation features is also included: Advanced Lane Guidance; Spoken Street Names; Safety Cameras; Map Share; and IQ Routes.
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    Can I use a Motorola charger on a TomTom GPS?

    High i just bought a TomTom 540s. It came with a car charger and a USB charger for the computer. BUT no wall charger. I looked at the output on the car charger, and it is 5V, 1.2A. And the Motorola charger had an output of 5V, 850mA. Is 1.2A the same as 850mA. Can i use the Motorola charger on...
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    Preview: TomTom XL 350, XXL 550 GPS navigators

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    2010 CES: TomTom EASE GPS entry-level PND that changes colors

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    TomTom car kit for iPhone now available in New Zealand

    TomTom officially announces the availability of the TomTom car kit for iPhone at selected retailers.
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    TomTom cuts prices on iPhone navigation app

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    TomTom Start introduces new users to GPS navigation with easy to use device

    The TomTom Start is a compact device with a 3.5" touch screen, spoken street names so drivers never miss a turn and an integrated fold-and-go mount, which makes the whole navigation package fit into any pocket, small bag or glove compartment.
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    TomTom iPhone Car Kit Hits Apple Store But Misses October Ship Date [GPS]

    The good news: for those of you who want it, the TomTom iPhone Car Kit can be ordered for $120 at the Apple Store. The bad news: while TomTom originally promised the device for October, it's still not shipping for "2-3 weeks." [Apple via SlashGear via CrunchGear]
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    TomTom unveils new connected GPS, the TomTom XL 340S LIVE

    New TomTom XL 340S LIVE first mid-range GPS to feature Local Search powered by Google and real-time traffic, now backed by AT&T network.