1. G

    What is a good biology topic to write an essay on?

    I need to write a 2000-4000 word essay on any topic that has to do with biology. I was thinking of something to do with stem cells and cell preservation techniques but i have a bio test tomorrow morning, and I have a bio essay (which can be about anything in bio) due saturday morning, so I need...
  2. A

    my penis. interesting topic. must answer. please?

    me and my cousin who is 3 year older than me like to compete. our competition is who will make their penis erect beautifully. we start watching very very dirty p**ns then our penis start erecting. i will judge his erection and he will judge my erection. my question is what else task should i...
  3. N

    What is a more interesting topic? Korean war vs. Vietnam war?

    My partner and I are about to start a massive research project for history class. The topic has to be anything from 1945 to the present. We have already narrowed it down to two major events, the Vietnam war and the Korean war. However we do not know which one will be more interesting/easier to...
  4. D

    Human Interest topic?

    I'm writing an human interest article that is about things happening during the first World War. What are some good topics?
  5. D

    Human Interest topic?

    I'm writing an human interest article that is about things happening during the first World War. What are some good topics?
  6. T

    Interesting topic to google?

    I'm very bored. Anything interesting to read on the Internet... Something that isn't boring (because that won't help my situation...) and nothing ridiculously stupid Already did the lucid dreaming haha... Still need to work on it though
  7. M

    What's an interesting topic for a science research report?

    Any kind of topic is good, but not too general...for example "astronomy" is too broad/general
  8. J

    I need to write a paper on organic chemistry. It can be any topic that is

    organic chemistry that interests me.? It has to be 7-10 pages and apa format. Any suggestions
  9. L

    What is a interesting topic for a persuasive speech?

    I have to write a speech for my english class but have no idea what to write about. It has to be persuasive.. and that's about the only limit. Thank you!
  10. S

    Which trending topic on Yahoo's main page right now is most interesting to you?

    Mine is "Fox pulls Family Guy". Here's the full story: Weird coincidence, huh? (Which it is by the way. Some...
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    Interesting topic read this one people. Can we all agree?

    I love freedom. I don't like anyone imposing on my liberty. I support the entire constitution of the United States 100% Communist (otherwise known as Democrats/Liberals) want to she'd the 2nd Amendment. Conservatives tend to shred individual liberties as well. I consider myself to be...
  12. E

    Would this topic of a short story interest you?

    It's about racism against those of Middle Eastern decent as well as prejudice against interracial couples. Vanessa is a small town average american girl who is instantly drawn to Raphael, the new boy in town from Saudi Arabia. He's nice and funny and smart but also exotic and interesting. When...
  13. K

    i am looking for an interesting research topic of college level?

    I will be using chi square to analyze the conclusion and this is my psychology course
  14. M

    What is a good quiz topic?

    I'm trying to make a fun quiz online but I have no idea what the topic should be and the questions i should ask.
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    Something cute to say that will start an interesting topic?

    So, I have this guy friend... We have amazing awkward conversations. he extreamly fun and isnt shy and neither am I. Well we talk about cuddling alot :) and I kinda have a thing for him and I think he does to and I want to like flirt with him or say something that might start an intersting cute...
  16. J

    survey topic and target audience?

    I need help figuring out survery topics and target audiences. My brain is Fried and i cant think=(
  17. Q

    Does anyone have a interesting topic for me to rift on for radio practice?

    Im looking to be in Broadcasting as a Radio Personality but i don't have a topic to talk about and practice with. More hot the topic the better! If you know of the Sirius Radio show The Opie and Anthony show, that's the kind of adult topics and flow im looking to work with. If i think it...
  18. L

    Would you be interested in this blog topic?

    I am a newly-wed who is living apart from my husband due to his job. I wanted to have something to turn to online with someone showing that they were in similar situations, but I wasn't able to find anything. How man people would be interested in having a blog out there about how to cope with...
  19. L

    Interesting topic from 1865-1980's for USA history?

    I was thinking theater or prohibition in the 1920's but I want more ideas just to make sure I am not settling. It is for an essay in college and it can be about any topic that effected the American society. I'm really into the arts (singing, acting, and dancing). I don't want to write about...
  20. D

    Debate topic for school ? Help.. Newbie.. :(?

    Hey. I am the goverment and the motion of the house is "Test scores is a good indicator for student's competency" And I tried searching the net but only found more disadvantages which of course will be used for POI's .. So ummm. Help ? :,D