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    Getting TV series torrents from another PC?

    How do I do it? Because I'm going on a road trip next month, and I wanted to put TV series on my tablet to pass the time. I'm trying to get them from the main PC from my PC. Any advice would help Thanks
  2. C

    after many years i have still not understood the workings of Torrents, bittorrents?

    i have ubuntu as an OS and i installed deluge as the client but i cant find a tracker and when i go to for example kickass torrents to search for a video, the VLC program does not recognize it at all.
  3. M

    Why will some torrents not seed?

    Well, why won't they?
  4. L

    where can i download anime now that aren't torrents?

    hate torrents, for reasons which Im not going to explain they are not effective in my location and work as slow as an old 56k dial up modem, so anyone know any sites with genuine places I can download a lot of different anime please?
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    how to play dvdrip xvid avi torrents?

    I downloaded a movie torrent (about 50x's) from different torrent sites and used three different torrent download sites (bittorrent, utorrent and bitlord) none of the sites or software work for the movie (the conjuring 2013). I seriously downloaded the movie torrent about 50 times and each time...
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    can somebody give me torrents of all seasons of fairy tail?

    i want to say that please suggest me some torrents of all seasons of fairy tail with good seeds and peers and small size like all seasons should be around 2-3 gb in size
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    How do I use torrents?

    How do I watch a movie on the website torrents?
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    How to lower upload seep in torrents?

    Is there a way I can stop uploading and download more or is uploading good, if it is please explain or do you just have to upload because that how bit torrent works?
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    which ports should i keep open?i use/do browsing,torrents,steam gaming ,anti...

    ...virus update(norton) on win7? my anti virus detected intrusion attempt from an ip,how to block these?
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    Where to download High Quality Yu-Gi-Oh? No torrents!?

    Where can I download Yu-Gi-Oh (any of the series) in high quality? And no torrents, please. Most of the sites I've found streams on have shitty quality so I'm looking to just download it in high quality. If anyone knows of a site that would be great.
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    How to use torrents without getting caught?

    I know how to download torrents and whatnot, but I don't know about getting it traced back to me. Last time I did, I got a message from Comcast saying not to do it again, but I can't help it. Please don't answer saying "Just don't do it."
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    Anyone knows why my utorrent is suddenly starting to download large torrents at

    a very slow speed ? It used to download at about 300kbps now it barely reaches 40kbps. As for the small files (1gb or less) i download at 1.9mbps
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    Best free alternative for to download torrents with idm?

    Is there and free websites as fast and effective for downloading torrent files?
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    Torrents have become very slow?

    Since 27 june 2013, all the torrents have become very slow, i have used diferrents downloaders like utorrent, bitorrent, vuze, tixati and so on, but it is still the same. Now my uploads don't even count. Please help, I am in cote d'ivoire (africa). thanks
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    What Are Torrents And How Do They Work?

    What are they? What are they used for? Where can i find them?
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    How to watch 3D movie torrents on TV?

    How to watch 3D movie torrents on TV? I bought a new LG 3D SMART tv. I would like to know how I can play downloaded 3d torrents on TV. Is there any other access to get 3D movies?
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    If torrents are illegel then y they r available on net?

    If torrents are illegel then y they r available on net? n the sites that contains such things should be blockd ? developer can do case in court then y they don't? any one who explain it clearly will get 10 points immediately.. I'm waiting for ur valuable replyz. thanks in advance..... :)
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    What is the maximum number of torrents that utorrent can handle at once without

    crashing? I have version 3.3 with a Windows 7 OS and any time I have over 2000 torrents active, utorrent crashes. I donwload a lot of smaller files from private music trackers so I would like to have them available to seed as much as possible. How to people who have 1 TB of files to seed handle...
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    How to download The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind for PC free (NO TORRENTS)?

    I have already purchased Morrowind for Xbox but the load screens are terrible, so I want it for pc but I dont want to buy the same game twice.
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    Has anyone found any Real torrents of Monsters University?

    Looking for a rreal torent of monsters university