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    LG touchphone message "waiting"?

    I am trying to send a message from my LG touchscreen and I have credit, etc but when I try to send the message it says "waiting" and stays in my outbox. Waiting for what?? It's urgent that I send this message. Any help?
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    Who is that beautiful lady in the Rogers touchphone commercial.?

    The commercial im referring to is the Rogers ad where this attractive girl in sitting outside playing with her new phone, there is a light snow falling and a guy named Matt approches her and shows her the features on her phone and complements her. Then he is called away by his friends but leaves...
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    anyone here wants to but my LG KU990 viewty touchphone? please help i badly need

    money for tuition fee!!? i bought it for 21thou php last christmas and now i badly need money for tuition fee. 15thou is enough for me but we can talk about the price if you want. just text or call 09158779421.