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    Is Motorola + Billion capable of TPG ADSL2+?

    Hi, people, I've just joined TPG recently, the ADSL2+ 130GB one and wanna ask something about the equipments I bought. I have a Motorola SB5101 modem, I think it's cable, and now I bought a Billion BiPAC 7300G RA router, so I was wondering if this is capable for ADSL2+ internet or not. Thanks
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    tpg internet + home phone?

    hey guys, im looking at this offer by tpg which comes with adsl+2 and homephone for around $67 a month at the moment im paying $70 per month for just broadband internet with bigpond for adsl and 25gb while tpg gives me 130gp at thats a massive difference, and...
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    TPG Internet keeps dropping out...?

    I just connected with TPG and i have my computer (Mac) connected directly to the modem and i am using ethernet cable to access the internet, however it constantly drops out for anywhere between 30 secs and 10 minutes, and its is getting beyond frustrating! anybody got any ideas, im new to macs...
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    what equipments i need to install a tpg 200G adsl2+ broadband internet?

    I am just confused with so many profession words:modern router central fliter.........i have install a home phone from telstra and i have a computer with wareless internet card inside(i do not know how to express the very equipment in english) what else do i need to finish a installation of the...
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    TPG internet without home phone?

    I am in Melbourne CBD and I don't have a home/fixed phone line because its already terminated by Telstra. And TPG will need me to have some kind of home number before they can install the internet. Is that true that I need a home number to get internet? If so, then what telephone providers are...