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    Roar: T-Rex's Tooth Used As Glossy Finish For Luxury iPhone 4 [Iphone 4]

    Oh, my quivering kneecaps. Do you remember digging for dinosaur fossils in your backyard as a young lad/lass, vowing that one day you'll own a genuine dino souvenir? Now's your chance—for $62,700, thanks to Stuart Hughes. More »
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    where can i buy a Kawasaki T-Rex Motorcylcle from in the U.S.?

    self explanitory
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    T-Rex dinosaur keeps popping up in my dreams?

    I have litterally written down the number of times that I have had this dream which is a total of 7 times. In the dream I am always standing on top of a lush, green hillside(the best description would be like the countryside of England or somewhere) admiring nature. Out of nowhere the ground...
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    Help! This BLACK woman i work with looks like a T-REX!?

    She looks just like a big old Tyrannosaurus Rex! She has huge legs and a huge butt, her ankles are bigger than the upper part of my legs! She is freakin huge dude! Im scared to death of this woman. Im scared shes either gonna eat my lunch or eat me! What should i do...