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    The iPhone Was Almost Called Telepod, Mobi or Tripod

    During a talk at the University of Arizona's Department of Marketing, Apple's former head of advertising, Ken Segall, let slip about some of the alternative names seriously considered at Cupertino before the launch of the iPhone. They're surprisingly bad. More »
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    A good handheld tripod for filming snowboarding?

    I've seen people filming their friends as they go down the hill. And they all have this tripod thing that holds theirs camera. What would be something like that and where could I buy it? And could it hold a picture camera?
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    The Retro Charms Of This Tripod TV Will Cost You Thirty-Five Grand [Televisions]

    It might look like a steampunk creation, but Leon's Trithon Reyn TV is an actual product, inspired by the sets of yesteryear including the Philco Barber Pole with its swivelling and tilting CRT screen. More »
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    Can you use a hiking pole as a tripod?

    Well, I guess I have two hiking poles, but I want to know if they can be used as s tripod in some way to help get better shots
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    Which is better to shoot, handheld w/ an Image Stabilizer on, using a Tripod or ...?

    cont. both (using tripod while your IS is on)?
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    I would like a tripod that is very small that is possible to bike around with?

    hello, I am looking for a tripod for my camera that is so small when i collapse it i can carry it around in my camelbak with me when i am biking. Thanks, Buddy