1. D

    1999 gmc sonoma that keeps tripping the fuse to the spark plugs. any ideas?

    not here to violate you. ok fine its a 15 amp going to the ecm1 or the engine control module. and its breaking. so sorry for the confusion.
  2. S

    DVD question about Tripping the Rift Best Buy Bonus Disc?

    it says that the best buy bonus disc has episodes in a collection called The Best of Six. What are the titles of those episodes?
  3. F

    Band Music video of tripping on acid or shroom?

    I remember I saw this MV of a band where this guy was apparently tripping off mushrooms or acid. Anyone know what the song or band is called?
  4. K

    I am road tripping to texas from ohio, can an old car make it?

    Me and my friend are road tripping to kerrville, texas (2 hours from san antonio) from columbus ohio. I am thinking about buying this car for the trip...
  5. C

    Why is everyone tripping cause i'm the shiznit?

    Anyways hot or cold? soft or hard? juicy or salty?
  6. D

    Robo tripping.......???

    i know this is kinda popular nowadays and i was wondering if anyone heres ever done it and what its like
  7. L

    can someone help me identify the major themes in Nikki Giovanni's Ego Tripping poem?

    i need the themes to be compatible with a five paragraph essay format. so preferably, i would like three major themes, under which i could organize my entire essay. thank you for your help!
  8. N

    Mascot tripping during a race?

    Does anyone remember when, a few years ago, there were these mascots running in a race and a fan tripped one of them? I don't remember why it made the news, but I think the mascot was actually a young lady. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone has a link to an article or video of the event?
  9. I

    Would I be able to drive if I'm tripping on LSD ?

    I'm a heavy pot smoker. I drive just fine when I'm on pot. I'll be doing half a blotter right now, so would i be able to drive after 2 hrs? The distance is just 15 mins. I'm jus doing HALF a blotter. i'LL BE DRIVING after 3 hrs. there isnt much choice, Lol. Thanks for the concern, Mr. Dutch.
  10. W

    Power Tripping with a USB interface?

    Hey, I have a USB-DMX interface for my laptop which I use for connecting my laptop to DMX controllable lights. However at a performance when I was using it a rack of lights tripped twice during the performance and now I have brought it into my home plugged it into my laptop and about half an...
  11. B

    Whats that music video where the guy is tripping in a hotel room?

    Hes laying on a bed and he thinks this chicks on him, then he gets up and the floors all wobbly and shit.
  12. M

    Why am i tripping out?

    Im not on drugs or been around any chemicals..
  13. C

    why do i feel like i'm tripping?

    when i've been sober for like a year now? I felt fine for a few months, but now i always feel like i'm on a mild hallucinogen. Is this normal? should I see a doctor? lol **i stopped using mid-way through being on antidepressants/ anti psychotics because i had a drug induced psychosis, but I...
  14. S

    Tripping off of Benedryl?

    I was on erowid and I came upon the Diphenhydramine experiences. I had no idea you could trip off benedryl! I bought some earlier, and I think I might want to try it tonight. How much should I take? Anyone tried it before? And if so, what is it like?
  15. R

    why is my dryer tripping the breaker.?

    i recently bought a new dryer, when i plugged it in it shot out sparks at the wall outlet. turns out the cord was not on right on the dryer itself. i returned it and got another dryer, now my new dryer is doing the same thing. it even pops the breaker when its unplugged. i will flip the breaker...
  16. H

    Any suggestions on some great road tripping songs?

    I am going on a road trip next month in my Mustang. I was wondering if any one can give me some good ideas for songs to down load for a road trip playlist?
  17. S

    I like Twilight and The Host so can people stop tripping and let us Stephenie...

    ...Meyer fans be happy? Who does it hurt to talk about something one likes? I mean we are not killing anyone just happy for some good ol fictional entertainment. It is just a story anyway.
  18. N

    Does anyone know where to get images of clark kent tripping or falling?

    I've been looking for pictures of clark being clumsy and dorky. It's for a valentine gift i'm working on. If you have any or you know where to find some please let me know :)
  19. J

    looking for a device that allows anyone to dub over vhs tapes without tripping the

    security signal.? that stops from recording the movie from vhs to dvd?
  20. N

    Washer keeps tripping the electric, any idea?